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Firestorm the Nuclear Man

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I was requested to do a pin-up of Firestorm and this is what I came up with. Right now I am concentrating on drawing characters that aren't done as often as the popular ones. If you have some characters in mind you'd like to see I'll try and get to them.

I drew it with pencil, scanned it, and colored it in Photoshop 6
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MidnightCambionHobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice! And as much as I like Firestorm's blindingly vibrant costume, I'm also liking the simpler style and subdued colors of your piece. I just kinda started reading Firestorm recently and am liking the series so far. Love the pose in this pic too! :)
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GABaker-AuthorHobbyist Writer
no idea how this was not already in my favs. Great image.
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TheBob74Professional Digital Artist
Firestorm, definitely one of the coolest(hottest?;)) characters ever!! Great job! Instant Fav!!
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ZlattyProfessional Photographer
This looks great ... I dig the colors you went with here ... very nice ...
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yaaaay this is cool! i think that if you're going to fly.. you may aswell have your arms out like an aeroplane. nice wun!
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deeperstill Interface Designer
nice one cheeks....i like the hands alot...but the hair? looks alittle awkward...

check out my latest Rumsfeld... [link]
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jusdogProfessional Filmographer
That's a cool pic bro. I personally LIKE the background color. It helps to seperate him, allowing our minds to subconsiously think of him as flying. Keep bringin' the good stuff!
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damn cool character cheeks :) (Smile)
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Why don't we get more of the Nuclear Man from DC? Great pic!
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Nice I loved Firetsorm when I was little. great Job.

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This is awesome. Here's two characters: Silver Surfer and/or Marvel's fiery guy, one of Galuctus' other heralds, Firelord, I think.
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paulmayburyProfessional General Artist
This is the first time i've ever seen this character drawn cool. Nice work man!
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Wow, a GOOD picture of firestorm. The less popular heros don't get that often. Good job, man.
knightcomix's avatar
Cool I love your style, I'm a new cheeks-74 groupy, you da bomb dog!!!! Nice work on this one I like FireStorm. Peace, J.Scott
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timshinn73Professional General Artist
Great pic! Love your style!
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Dang man...when are we gonna see your stuff in comics!?! Another great piece!! Only thing I can think to suggest is to maybe add some tones to his hair, it looks a little flat.
Great job again!!:D (Big Grin)
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pacman23Professional Digital Artist
man, thats so fresh..
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great indeed.. it so looks like he's really enjoying the flying.. and I loved that dude! Bad thing he does not appear much. He gt funky ccool looks..
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this is awesome.. firestorm has always been one of my favs.
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The character is very well drwn here, from the pose to the expression. Very nice feel to it. My only suggestion would be to thicken the outline on the hair, expecially where it overlaps the green in the background. For the front part of the hair, it seems too connected to the background color.
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Very nice illustration and HUGE props for continualling spotlighting characters who do not get as much facetime as the X-Men or Spiderman.

[ K ]
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Sean this is Tooooooooo kewl!! Wow man impressed again! This has a great flow to it..not overyly detailed which really adds to the pic! This is damn awesome! Luv the style as always and the colors are great! Very soft but yet powerfull! Fav.!! -Gutz
synti's avatar
Wow! I love your coloring! So nice colors. Sheesh, your drawings are so great really makes me want to draw like that too :) (Smile) Thumbs Up +fav
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OttoArantesHobbyist Digital Artist
Your style is so simple, and so good.
And I love firestorm.

+fav , indeed
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