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Heya, peeps. :) So the cat's out of the bag. DC Comics announced their new project called Wednesday Comics.

See? I told ya this year was the year I'm doing more sequentials. :) The story I'm working on is a 12 pager.
So this is just a lil teaser.

Wanna read what it's all about?
Here are some links if you're interested.

Wednesday Comics / The scoop

What to expect / The editor's interview

Hope y'all digs!
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B-G-C-Art's avatar
LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!
PinnaclePrime's avatar
I love your style and the roster is almost perfect! In my opinion the Teen Titans should be a reflection of the Justice League so their perfect line-up would be Red Robin for Batman, Superboy for Superman, Wonder Girl for Wonder Woman, Miss Martian for Martian Manhunter, Aqualad (Kaldur'ahm/ Jackson Hyde) and/or Aquagirl (Lorena Marquez) for Aquaman, Kid Flash for The Flash, and Blue Beetle for Green Lantern. While there are other side-kicks out there I don't feel like they'd be a good fit. Black Bat and Robin are murderers, Batgirl wouldn't fit on her own, Supergirl belongs in the 31st century with the Legion of Superheroes, and the new Impulse is far too young. That said the adult Titans (Nightwing, Donna Troy, Tempest, The Flash, and Red Arrow) should have their own separate team like the Outsiders.
Rayyan-Khan's avatar
Aw man how you draw like that tut pls
RobotScribbles's avatar
Whos the long hair demon guy
boomtube3000's avatar
really diggin blue beetle in this piece!!!
GothicDrackorian's avatar
Dude is that Kid Devil? I love Kid Devil :dummy: He looks awesome in your style =D
firespot's avatar
That's really kewl!
They all look like the teen titans too.
loppytaffy's avatar
Blue beete? yay go Jaime! (it is Jaime isnt it?)
annieawesomesauce's avatar
*foams at the mouth* It's ROSIEEE!
Figaro-8's avatar
If thie pic is any indication, this will be a great series. :-)

By thy side,

cheeks-74's avatar
thank you so much, bud!
asbury26's avatar
so did you do character designs for brave and bold
Piscean-Artist's avatar
Dude, you continue to inspire me. I totally dig your work! XD
imager7's avatar
blue beetle represent!
Mr-Representational's avatar
Wahoo! Congrats!!

I like how Miss Martian feels like she is twisting a bit in reaction to Robin's movement... would be great to see more and more of that interaction in your pinups! Nice!
cheeks-74's avatar
thank ya! yeah, you're right... i wanna get back into that mindset of showing nice interaction amongst characters. it's so dang hard to dang it! HAHAHA
AfroJedi1's avatar
Cool pic. I love the Titans. Where's Static? Also i recognize everyone except the red guy and the girl with the sword, who are they?
Zerna's avatar
Did you work on making the Spectacular Spiderman series? :?
chamakoso's avatar
Wow.. it's so dinamic and full of life. I really admire you, man.
cheeks-74's avatar
you're too kind! i love your work, too. :)
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