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My word! What a hassle it was to know which version to base my colors off of. I was using my Cintiq to color, but when I looked at it on my monitor after I was done the background turned green and Co-Co turned purple. I cheated it by having a duplicate file open on the Cintiq and on the monitor and bumped the colors to match the Cintiq.

Anywhoo..... for this piece I was torn to do complete cell shading, or try and be adventurous with trying to mesh cell with a different technique.

Big ups to my pal Shaun Ward :iconshaunward: for trying to guide me through the fiasco.

Lovely, sexy lines from my pal: :icondfridolfs:

Colors lil ol' me.

Now I gotta figure out how to get my Cintiq to be on the same page/setting or closer to my monitor. *SHAKESFIST!*

In the meantime, hope y'all digs!
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I love the tree shadows.
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Hey very nice character,specialy i like the line work.
can u give me some tips on character designing....?
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:lmao: what, did u expect him to reply? ... ((it's only been almost 3 years))
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what do u think about Cintiq size 12wx
is it a good size to work with? I haven't tasted one yet!
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i buyed "age of conan" the last week.
really cool. ^^
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Good job by crom!
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So cool I want to cry.
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great colors!
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Conan! Jawesome!
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Plain Hotness man!!!-T
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sank u, Haystack!
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This is amazing! It actually looks like something Ben Caldwell would draw only it's in your style.
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This turned out supa sah-weet!
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thank you, Jeffy-Jeff!
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really awesome! I'm really feelin' that.
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thank you, Wes!
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Jajaja, me encanta. Es genial
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awesome as usual
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i like the layered sketch like feel
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I would hate to piss him off.
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