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Captain America vs Red Face
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Howdy! Howdy!

Just wanted to mess around with some Captain Red Face... er I mean Captain America and Red Face.... er.... Captain America and Red Skull, yeah that's it! :)

Big ups to my Table Taffy studio-mate, :icondarkkenjie: for pushing me to go beyond a white bg! :)

We have some stuff in the works that we can't wait to share with ya!

ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLSO! My newest journal entry has the winner and runner-ups listed for my 2011 artbook name contest. AND preorders are a gooooooo! :) All info can be read by clicking this -------> [link]

Hope y'all digs!
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Neo128's avatar
Neo128| General Artist
Really cool pic, but why Red Face? Don't you mean the Red Skull? :confused:
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FrostyStaysChill25's avatar
kinda looks Disney ish
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Miracle-overloading's avatar
there is nothing i dont like about this
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xRefugedWarriorx's avatar
Nice pic!*redskull other then that its still awesome!
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artdog21's avatar
artdog21|Professional General Artist
Really nice style and feel...
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tigers117's avatar
tigers117|Student Artist
It's supposed to be Red Skull.
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ZDForrest's avatar
ZDForrest|Hobbyist General Artist
Epic. 'Nuff said.
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GHENGIZZ's avatar
GHENGIZZ|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What's Captain America holding?
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Alrik666's avatar
I'm stille admire your skills, pal!!^^
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thesavagekyle's avatar
thesavagekyle|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
more Cap images! PLEASE!!!
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jaredson58's avatar
Red Skull. Not Red Face.
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culdesackidz's avatar
culdesackidz|Professional Digital Artist
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Yamakal-12's avatar
I dig the Samurai Jack-esque design. This version of Cap would fit perfectly (both guys from the past, wielders of ultra strong unbreakable weapons)
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Gorgeous! :)
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Tanuki-Takumi's avatar
Tanuki-Takumi|Hobbyist Artist
His name is red skull.... other than that i like it. Although red skull is supposed to be scarier. Regardless its good. Im a marvel fan so im picky. Good work.
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t-chan's avatar
t-chan|Professional General Artist
this is some poster worthy stuff here, mate. √
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A-Rob's avatar
A-Rob|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow cheeks, this is awesome!
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ESDRASC's avatar
ESDRASC|Professional General Artist
loving it ! :)
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SpiderGuile's avatar
SpiderGuile|Professional Traditional Artist
I dig it! :)
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Duranrivera's avatar
Hey Sean,

This is unrelated to the awesome illustration. But how do you post the icon for the person in your details section? Like for instance you have DarkKenji's icon. How would that be typed? I know, I'm such a newb!!! lol
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esmeone's avatar
super cool love how capt america came out.
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Kiher's avatar
very nice man..
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bipole's avatar
bipole|Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh god, I just thought too hard about the stubble, and now I hear him in Shaggy's voice:

"Hey Scoob, check out that g-g-g-guy with the A on his head. He's staring maaaad daggers at me. I think we ought to skedaddle…"
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CliffNordman's avatar
Red Skull is so manly. His beard grows right out of the bone!
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anonymous's avatar
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