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B7 test 2 animated

Thank you, everyone for coming to my aid for the first test. Boy....I have a ton to learn! HAHAHA

And thank you also for diggin it overall, and feeling it has the potential to keep entertaining you for hopefully years to come.

The gorgeous colors were done by my super-talented pal, Mike Henry :iconzatransis:.
I love Mike's palettes, so I've recruited him to help me color my backgrounds. You all are in for a treat!

My boy :icondarkkenjie: is hella sick with the skills. He reworked the animation for me.

Thank you both for making this panel come to life. I am forever grateful.

For those of you not familiar with Bastion's 7 here are some pages to read up on for a quick insight:

Bastion's 7

all Bastion's 7 characters © Sean "Cheeks" Galloway

We hope y'all dig it!
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© 2009 - 2021 cheeks-74
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luqianzhi's avatar
wow~nice man.
i`m learning flash from last month
Gabe666's avatar
It's more better! good job!
yatoy's avatar
cool animation
daneault's avatar
DOOOD!! I can't wait to see this!
Mako588's avatar
Dude, this is exciting. I really want to see a finished piece. And your friend with the awesome color skills is... awesome. XD I'm loving the combination of your designs and these colors.
JaiBiz's avatar
i want one of those rides!!!! kick back and fly!
Shariko's avatar
coool. can't wait until you start working on full flash cartoons. They are going to be sweet
jusdog's avatar
dude, I feel like your about to bring a hurricane on us with this stuff.....
cheeks-74's avatar
HAHAHA Just make sure to be in doors, brudda. :P
SpiderGuile's avatar
Gekiganfan's avatar
hey thats pretty cool :)
waydre's avatar
crazy cool stuff, cheeks!! of course tha animated flavor suits your style perfectly.
if this goes as planned, are you gonna do a "moving book" like the watchmen?
it could be a winner,bro.
didoneto's avatar
Love it and the colors are great - I like the point where the car flashes and disapperas in the sky :)
croix22's avatar
Looks great Sean! I can't wait to see more!
CH3CHE's avatar
wicked nice. now its smaller and smoother and all that jazz. fun stuff!
MikeBear-A-Weanie's avatar
the car should definitely have a bit of anticipation before thrusting away. besides that, the colors are great
I love when it gets blurry!
MattKaufenberg's avatar
I am really loving these tests! Definitely want to see more:D
Dan-Van-Cool's avatar
Warp one..... Engage.
SybexMed's avatar
very nice! im also learning flash as we speak. im looking to integrate 3d and aftereffects with flash for some web design :)
mandelak's avatar
damn, real nice. I especially love the little star at the end of it. gives it a whole new feeling. how ever I like how the car came from above in the first one. bloody awesome. this coming a long really nicely
mandelak's avatar
maybe a little ease in/out on the floating house and rocks would make it more nice. i always get mixed on which it is that makes it slower at the end. Right now it sort of just rises, stops, falls, stops at neutral speed.

also the second tests has the rocks moving at their own time which makes it more realistic. I mean rising and falling on their own and not as a whole.
Chizel-Man's avatar
Haha, looks even better now.:D
TV-TonyVargas's avatar
This one is much better Cheeks! it's got the easing in and out that an animation needs! Sweet.
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