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The face of Cheekitty Arts by cheekitty The face of Cheekitty Arts by cheekitty
So as I've been frantically throwing everything together for Anthrocon (because nothing works so well as procrastination for sheer productivity), I decided I didn't like my marketing materials and wanted to do new ones. I had this thought back in April, but I put off doing anything about it until.. um.. day before yesterday.

So I redesigned everything in a few hours and I was really happy with it, until I realized I had no color art that would fit on my new signage. That obviously wouldn't do, so I rummaged through my sketches and found this self portrait that looks absolutely nothing like the real me (as I am not nearly that svelte, and I don't have spots...but the hair is the right length and texture!), and thought... heeeey!

So, some of you may remember the line work... I redrew it a little, then did some quick and dirty digital painting. I had finished the painting, then that huge storm came through northern Illinois and.. (I bet you see where this is going) I had not saved when we lost power. BUT, you're thinking! You use a laptop! Surely! Yeah, I thought so too, but apparently when a lenovo laptop is docked and loses power, the laptop doesn't really know what to do with itself, so it crashes hard.

SOOO long story short, I painted this in about... 45 minutes during a MFF Staff meeting last night. It will suffice for my needs for this weekend.
bootheel Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010
It looks really cute (in spite of any and all travails, heh)! Love the expression, particularly.
cheekitty Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hee! I had redrawn her with a more serious expression, and when I showed it to my 'focus group' (my friends that give me honest critiques), they all said to change it back to the playful quirked brow and smile, sooo. I did. :D

I'm really pleased at how it came out!
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June 21, 2010
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