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Hi! Sorry it's been so long since I've been around, university has been keeping me really busy and I'm actually coming toward the end of my summer holiday to be starting my final year on September 18th.

At home things have been going great, my health is a bit so-so at the moment and I'm waiting to find out what's wrong but I'm still keeping myself busy, I do write from time to time (when I have a moment to spare from doing uni work), I upload more fics onto my AO3 account, I'm always normally active on Tumblr, if anyone wants to drop me a message or anything, I'll get back asap :aww:

I don't really know right now if I'll be active much on here, but I'll try to update on my situation and maybe try posting some one-shots or ideas.

Thanks for reading! :la:
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I've decided to work on a new fic, it's gonna be more of a mini-series. Other stuff is still been worked on, at the moment though, Uni has been really my main focus, I'm coming towards the end of the year and meeting deadlines has been super stressful! I've been sick too which hasn't helped. I'm into my last two weeks though before the Easter break, which I get three weeks off for, after that, I can't promise any updates, I'll be into my end of year mini-project, but I finish officially about the middle of May (I worked out for the 19th), so then I'll have plenty of time to get down to some fic writing and definitely upload more to dA.

I'm still updating stuff on my AO3, so be sure to take a look, any feedback is welcomed! :aww:
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Hey guys! Uni has been totally fun, all my flat-mates are incredibly wonderful :aww:
It's not actually been as hard as I thought, I do assessment weeks once a month and various other tutorial work which is kinda easy. :XD:

The title of this journal is referring to fics! It's been forever since I posted something on here, so I'm writing a story to go here and only here, there's loads of new stuff posted on my AO3 though if you wanna read anything :aww:

I'm actually writing a ThranduilxOC fic (not sure how long it will be yet), got about 3/4 of the first chapter done so I'm hoping to post it this coming week. I'll probably be doing monthly updates (that's how my other fics are going onto AO3, so just to keep it fair. Though, it's likely that if I do get a chapter finished quicker, it will be up earlier :aww:

Anyways, I hope you are all looking forward to that! I'm making it a good one! :meow:
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I don't think I mentioned on here that I got into Uni a couple of months back, but recently from June 29th to July 3rd, I was visiting the university for a Summer School. It was so much fun! I got to do two lots of 2hr academic sessions, so I met people that are probably going to be on my course in September, I also met a bunch of other people from other courses, I stayed in the accommodation over the five days to get used to what that's like.

I absolutely love the uni though! I'm really excited to go in September, I also have a chance in my second year to go study abroad, then a placement year and finally my last year. I'm really hoping that everything goes well. I already got my accommodation for September to July sorted and I got my conformation for my finance! :D

I got my grades through for college too, came out with a D*D*D (the second highest grade for my BTEC), which means I should definitely be able to go to the Uni once results day comes (Aug 17th) and I collect my certificates to prove that I have passed :aww: I'm also 3 grades over getting an excellence scholarship so hopefully that will help out too!
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Apparently nothing wants to load for me on my computer so now I can only check stuff oh the other computer when it's free (Tuesday's, hopefully and Saturday for definite).

I hate being behind with my messages though :\
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Happy 2015 to everyone!

:iconsomeconfettiplz: :iconsomeconfettiplz: :iconsomeconfettiplz: :iconsomeconfettiplz:

I hope this year is great, and brings lots of joy :aww:
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Officially 20 now o:

Had such a good day hanging out with my bff :)

I got:

:bulletpurple: The Crow (film)
:bulletgreen: Battleship (game)
:bulletred: Chocolate Bar
:bulletblue: Money
:bulletblack: Charm bracelet

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So I was in Wales for a week (from Aug 13th to Aug 20th), I had a really good time :D
 Visited family, got to see Barry Island! Saw how big all the shops were, spent some money. It was amazing really :aww:

On another note, my premium is gone :P
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Happy New Year!

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 1, 2014, 6:19 AM

:iconsomeconfettiplz: :iconsomeconfettiplz: :iconsomeconfettiplz:

:dummy: :dummy: :dummy: :dummy: :dummy: :dummy: :dummy: :dummy: :dummy:

I hope 2014 will be an awesome year for everyone!<3

:iconsomeconfettiplz: :iconsomeconfettiplz: :iconsomeconfettiplz:

:dummy: :dummy: :dummy: :dummy: :dummy: :dummy: :dummy: :dummy: :dummy:

~ Chelsea.

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Bit Late But...

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 26, 2013, 6:29 AM
Hope you all had an awesome Christmas guys! :dummy:

And I hope you got everything you wanted, along with any surprises :meow:

I definitely did!

Full list of stuff I got:

Jim Root: The Sound and The Story (came with a pick, signed card and tab book);
Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition;
Jack Daniel’s;
Hello Kitty Libra Necklace;
Opal Bracelet;
Hannibal Season 1;

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Update time

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 3, 2013, 11:32 PM
Some good news, my mum finally got a date for when she starts her treatment, it will start on December 31st, and while we know that's New Years Eve, we're just grateful that it isn't going to be happening over Christmas.
When it gets closer to the date (either Dec. 29th or 30th, can't quite remember) my mum visits the doctors again and they should be telling her how long the treatment will run for, so I'll update this journal once I know.

:bulletwhite: In other news, I'm slowly but surely writing fics. The reason for this is because sometimes I need a break from college work, but I still have a mountain of work to do for college so I don't think you guys will see any new fics until next year, unless it's one-shots here and there, really depends on if I have time.
I'd rather be focusing on what I'm already doing rather than adding more things onto the list, it's likely that I will have a couple of one-shots in the works but I don't know and I can't check right now.
Anyway, after Christmas, things should slow down a little concerning college work (unless I get corrections for things) which means I should have more time to write, so I'd say expect something next year.
Maybe I'll do a little Christmas one-shot if I get the chance.

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Thor 2: The Dark World

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 30, 2013, 1:31 PM
SO GOOD! :dummy:

If you get the chance, go see it.
It was funny, action packed and had twists in.

Me and Tom went, we met his friends Matty and Vicky, they're really cool.
On the way down we actually saw Jack, another one of Tom's friends and Jack had his friend Cameron with him. So there was loads of us xD
We saw three of Cameron's and Jack's friends too! :D

It was awesome.
Me, Tom, Jack, Cameron, Matty and Vicky went to McDonald's, we were joking around and making innuendo's :D
It was just amazing :meow:

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I was thinking this morning, I don't even know why; just about how much work I am for a person, there's so much mental damage on me.
On my way home, I had something in my head, and I thought it was from a song, it wasn't, so I expanded and wrote it down...

I put a blade to my flesh and hope for the best: freedom, a way to distract from emotional hurt. I put a blade to my wrist and hope for the worst: death, gone forever, good for me but bad for those who care.

The downward spiral has hit again.

Getting to that point where trying is far too much hard work.
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Happy birthday,

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 10, 2013, 4:07 PM
to me!
:iconsomeconfettiplz: :iconsomeconfettiplz: :iconsomeconfettiplz: :iconsomeconfettiplz:
I'm 19 btw :XD:
:dummy: :dummy: :dummy: :dummy: :dummy: :dummy:

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Journal Entry: Wed Oct 9, 2013, 8:28 AM
I was on dA on IE downstairs, and I was just temporarily editing some notes (adding little details I wanted including into the story I'm writing on said note), pressed save, went to next note, did a little and saved that.
Got upstairs, to my beautiful Chrome; checked my notes to get the link from one of them
Two of my notes, exactly the same title. And I thought: "No, one of them should be 'Rescue Me'. So apparently IE decided to save slowly and obviously over-wrote the incorrect note.

Been looking through dA for the past 20 minutes on a way to reverse this, since it wasn't my fault.
No look.
Which means, the story I was writing, that I was kinda hoping to upload onto here and see how it went down with you guys; I'm gonna have to start pretty much from scratch.

I'm kinda lucky that sometimes I send Mariah little bits so she can look at it for me and tell me how things are. That means, I should be able to recover some off her.
BUT that means, the link has still gone missing, and whatever I added from what I last sent her will have gone too.

Screw this, and screw IE.

Anyone know a way of helping me resolve this situation? I really didn't want to re-write any of it again. And it took me ages to find the link I had.

- - -

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Concert #5

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 18, 2013, 12:45 AM
So I was gonna make this when I got home yesterday but I was absolutely exhausted. Couldn't focus so I went to bed.

We (me and my cousin) got there pretty early, and we were right near the front of the line :D After we got in, I bought a shirt then we went into the place and I was in about the 3/4th row (hard to tell because it wasn't exactly a straight lined row). I got a bunch of good pictures since I was that close (hopefully should be up tonight, I'll put some on here).
Anyway, on I go...

Band order again :XD:

With One Last Breath: Well, I liked their music, but there was too much screaming for me :hmm:
Their bassist was really good too :meow: And I got a couple a pictures.

Oh my gosh, in the small break, 'Before I Forget' came on and everyone was singing to it. It was really awesome and totally fun :aww:

Crown the Empire: Oh my gosh, by the time these came on I was pushed into the 2/3rd row. They started with 'Johnny's Revenge' and everyone was singing along! :D
At one point, the singer/screamer, David kinda came into the first row and everyone was touching him; but I didn't mind because when he'd reached out at one point, I touched his hand (or vice versa).
I can't remember the actual order of the songs (just the first one :XD: and that they finished with 'The Fallout'). But there was: 'Johnny's Revenge', 'Voices', 'Memories of a Broken Heart', 'The Fallout', 'Menace', 'Makeshift Chemistry' and 'Children of Love'.
They were absolutely amazing though! :la: I hope they come around again, and maybe I'll manage to get front row next time :meow:

Okay, so after CTE, and being crushed in for so long, I actually left. We went for some food then got picked up. So...I have no idea what Issues were like ^^;

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So the OP was all good, but Wednesday just gone, at very early in the morning, my mum ended up back into the hospital.
She had an abscess under her arm and it burst (luckily outwards) and it just keeps leaking.
Then, her stitches came loose too :\ They did restitch it, and it's been okay for now.
She was back for a couple of hours today and hopefully she'll be out properly by Tuesday, which is when she'll find out what treatment (be it chemo or radio) she's getting, if any at that. The doctors do hope that it didn't spread outside of the lump but they won't know until the results come back on Tuesday.
She's doing well though, except a little pain.

Hey guys, I know it's been a while. And the last time I made a journal was to tell you all that I'm somewhat leaving this site (staying only for what I read and to finish with uploading 'Darling...'.) Well, I will be continuing with that, in due time.

This year was going pretty good (y'know until one friendship blew up in my face), then I had a turn-around with my concert back in June, because it was amazing and I really enjoyed myself. Next thing, I had my acceptance into college, without need of an interview (I got a Distinction-star last year, highest I could get), I have my enrolment on Aug' 28th. I'm quite excited to go back, learn more, and hopefully see my friends from last year.

But, a couple of weeks ago. I had my mum, in a state of shock, tell me that she'd found a lump on her breast; I told her to get it looked at, just in case. She was immediately referred to the hospital, and last week got all the tests done that needed to be done.
Today, she went back, with my dad this time. And they told her pretty bad news...
She has breast cancer.
In two weeks, she'll go for an op to get the lump removed, then she'll get some anti-biotic tablets to heal that. Then, radio-therapy will start for her.
I don't really know what to think, or do at this point. I can't exactly help her in any way.

I just have this horrible memories from when I was 8/9, watching my granddad deteriorate, then losing him to cancer. I can't really go through this again, and I'm trying desperately to stay positive. Especially since it's been a quick go-through for my mum, hopefully it's not spread, and that it's only minimal.
I can't lose my mum.
And worse thing, I can't really talk to anyone about this, so I'm just stuck...
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Journal Entry: Thu Jul 18, 2013, 12:27 PM
So since everything except Darling is done, on here, I dunno what I'm gonna do now.
Darling is already finished it, so I'll update it tomorrow, then see when I wanna do the next ones, just to get the rest of it up.
I don't think Redemption will go anywhere, I have tried with it...Just too stuck, I'll see.

But this entry will get updated after Darling is all up.
But I am feeling like I'm not needed on this site any more so, I'll come back daily to check messages, so if I'm reading anything of yours don't worry, I'm still here for that! :D

I do have some stuff in the works, not feeling it though so I don't know if they'll ever get uploaded, anywhere.
For now anyway, except me finishing uploading Darling, nothing else is coming out of me for dA any more.

Sorry, I guess :shrug:
Thanks for putting up with me :heart:

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Concert #4

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 1, 2013, 5:30 PM
Not been in long from returning :D
Amazing night, out of all four I've been too, I'll list this one third.

So in band order, I'll discuss how good they were!

Hands Like Houses OH WOW, their bassist is insane but really talented, I was getting shivers from how amazing the bass was in their songs. The singer has such a beautiful voice; and their lead guitarist is amazing!
Overall: fantastic show that they did, quite a big response from the crowd. Something different, mixes electronic with rock, works for them c:  Maybe give them a listen if you have the chance! :D

Woe, Is Me Y'know, I heard so many negative things, so I gave them a short listen, it usually takes me a while to get into these types of "screamo" bands. Two singers worked good together.
Overall: They gave an amazing show though, they sound brilliant live. Crowd responded loudly, lots of pushing and moving...Not sure if that part was good :c

Pierce the Veil Now, I had an expectation for these since I saw them in September. The crowd was much more rowdy and loud, got a "circle pit"(Vic's words) during the beginning of Caraphernelia. Vic did a solo version of I'm Low on Gas and You Need a Jacket, letting us put our own "spin" on it! It was amazing! :D
They had two confetti canons, we got covered in it! Got water splashed on me a few times, most likely from Vic or Tony, I couldn't see too well, taller people in front of me, but I was closer to them than Jaime.
OH! There was a funny bit near the end when Vic was talking about Jaime's broken foot. And he said that Jaime had been getting kinky with his girlfriend in the bedroom and Jaime's foot ended up where it shouldn't have been :XD: It was so funny! Vic also kept reminding us that Jaime was his best-friend, such a cute/funny moment.
They went off for a while and people started chanting "Pierce the Veil", then after like a soft intro song, they came out with their "encore", King For a Day! Everyone sang along, there was so much screaming before it began and after it finished :D Just too amazing really. All the songs they did were great, can't remember the precise order but these were them...'Bulletproof Love', 'Disasterology', 'Caraphernelia', 'I'm Low on Gas...', 'Besitos', 'King For a Day', 'May These Noises Startle You in Your Sleep Tonight', 'Hell Above', 'A Match Into Water', 'Bulls in the Bronx' and 'Hold on Till May'. The only difference this time around was the addition of 'I'm Low on Gas...', still they were amazing! Everything was just so good.
Overall: another amazing show! Great crowd for screaming for the band...Not so much singing so I could barely hear Vic... :l Luckily, this worked but sometimes I couldn't make out what song was playing :c  Apart from the vicious crowd, PTV rocked!<3

:iconasdfghplz: I enjoyed my night so much! Hope to see PTV again some day. I'm seeing Crown the Empire in September, it'll be my second time for them :giggle:, I know they'll be better this time, just for having more songs to play. And it's a co-headline tour so...Well, I'll let you all know after the fact.

I'm off to sleep now! :XD: I definitely need it!

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Update Journal (I Don't Care if You're Contagious)

Journal Entry: Thu May 23, 2013, 2:59 PM
Tomorrow, I am going finish up the last chapter for Come Whatever May. This means, nothing will be getting wrote for dA.

I bet that makes you wonder about the title of this journal...

Well, I've got Darling... finished, so I'll update as much as possible and try get the full thing up. My Joesday(kinda) for 500 will be getting done, for 500, nothing else. So I'll definitely fit it in :B
Now, I do wanna try get Redemption done, at least one more chapter up anyway...It's been so long :XD: I'm sorry.

So, concerning the title. Well, anyone who pays attention to this, which is my Writing Blog, on Tumblr. Then you have probably seen IDC(that's its nickname), and well...I  like it, I think it's interesting. So that does bring us to the title of this journal...
I'll be starting to upload IDC right here, I'll try catch it up to what's on that Tumblr. But, I think that's about it.

Oh. I am writing something new though. There may be a bit of a wait for that. It's called Journals, pretty easy to figure out why. I hope that will go well too. And, once CWM is done, I'll definitely get IDC up! :dummy:
I very much hope to see your responses.

- - -

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