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Two: His Butler, Honest.

"Master, it's time to wake up," Sebastian said as he opened the curtains to let light in, "I have prepared a fried salmon breakfast with vegetables." Ciel woke up then sat in his bed, "I've prepared mint tea for this morning, my lord." Sebastian walked over and poured out a cup of tea for Ciel.

Ciel took the tea off Sebastian and sipped at the warm liquid, "Are there any other plans for today?"

"I found a man who may be interested in starting a business but he needs a hand. If you wish to pursue it, you may have to think of a new name for your business." Sebastian informed.

Ciel finished his tea, handed the cup back to Sebastian and got out of bed, "Did you arrange a meeting?"

"Yes, he will be coming over at lunch time," Sebastian placed the cup back onto the tray. He then walked over to the closet and got out some clothes for Ciel. Sebastian walked back over to the bed and kneeled in front of Ciel; he dressed the boy in silence, making sure to put the eye patch that was laying on the bedside table over the boy's right eye. The butler then stood back up, he bowed then left the room with the cart. Ciel sighed, 'I should have knew he'd forget about it.' The young boy stood up and left for the dining room.

- In The Dining Room -

Ciel quietly ate his salmon breakfast; he kept his attention on his food, not wanting to glance up at his butler. When Ciel had finished he stood then left for his study. Sebastian watched the boy leave with a sigh; he walked over to the table and cleared it. The butler then went into the kitchen to clean up.

~ ~ ~ ~

Ciel sighed at the knock on his study door, "Come in," Sebastian walked into the room, "What is it?"

"Bocchan, I've been thinking about Mr. Bryan, he may know about the Phantomhive's so you may need to think of a false name for yourself." Sebastian explained.

"Very well, I will think of something," Ciel nodded, "If you have any suggestions, feel free to tell me."

"Of course," Sebastian bowed, "What about Smith? It's a very common last name and you could get away with it."

"Hm," Ciel seemed thoughtful, "That will have to do; if you have nothing else to discuss, please go back to your preparations."

"Well, I have to wait about half an hour to let the meat set before cooking it," Sebastian smiled faintly, "I wondered if we could talk about yesterday, Young Master."

"Please take a seat then." Ciel marked his page then closed the book and put it down.

Sebastian closed the door, walked over to Ciel's desk and sat in the seat across from it, "How long have you been in love with me for?"

Ciel wanted to bite his tongue, but he thought it best to be honest for now; he was certain that Sebastian would only press the question at a different time, "When we chased after Angela, the nun that you had, relations with..."

"Oh..." Sebastian mentally frowned. He didn't want to think about that day, "I shouldn't have done that."

"No, I understand why you did it," Ciel nodded, "Is that all you wanted?"

Sebastian stood, "Yes, I should make the dining room look presentable." He bowed, 'I love you, too.' Those thoughts almost made him shudder; over night, the same warm feeling kept him awake. Sebastian made sure to close the door after he'd left Ciel's study; he sighed to himself then went back to work; he never felt flustered being around Ciel, usually, he always felt like he was in charge but everything seemed flipped.

The young boy let out a groan of annoyance, he picked up the book, opened it to the page he'd marked then started reading again. Ciel let out a huff when his mind wandered away from his book to thoughts of his butler; after everything they'd been through, he knew Sebastian's hands so well from when the butler had held him and he wanted to feel those hands in other places. He put his book down and laid his head on his desk, What's wrong with me... Ciel knew that there was no point thinking about such things, Sebastian can't return my feelings. Sebastian is a male...He's not even human! Ciel sat up then slammed the book shut; he couldn't focus like this anyway, the young boy then slouched back in his chair and let his thoughts run wild.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sebastian worked away in the kitchen, his thoughts wandering back to Ciel; he knew he needed to do something, right now, he felt like he had no control over himself. Sebastian almost felt like he was one of Ciel's chess pieces, that he could only move if Ciel picked him up; he wondered if everyone felt like this when they fell in love.

After finishing preparations, he headed to his young master's study, there was still a moment spare that he could talk briefly with Ciel about what was going through his brain; he checked his watch and made a mental note of when to head back to the kitchen to finish everything for their guest.

Feeling satisfied, Sebastian headed to Ciel's study; he gently knocked on the door, only waiting a moment before Ciel's voice answered, "Come in," The butler entered the room and gave a small bow before closing the door behind him, "What is it, Sebastian?"

"I thought it was time that I should be fully honest with you." Sebastian spoke, trying to gague Ciel's reaction but the boy barely moved a muscle.

"Please do." Ciel folded his arms across his chest.

"Ciel, I don't know how to explain how this has happened," The butler sighed, "But I know that I love you and...I would be happy to stay by your side."

Ciel dropped his arms, he felt warmth spreading through him and couldn't stop the smile speading across his face; he'd long to hear those words ever since he had realised the true nature of his feelings, "Sebastian...I think together, we can figure this out..." He paused a moment, remembering the countless times that Sebastian had said that he couldn't feel what humans felt, "I thought demons couldn't feel such things."

"They can. There has been other times that a demon has fell in love with a human, the contract brings a demon and a human close together they ended up closer than others and fell for each other." While he spoke those words, Sebastian realised why he'd always told himself that it wasn't possible for demons to get those feelings, because he'd been in love with Ciel for longer than he would admit.

Ciel nodded, the smile still plastered onto his face; he was sure that the two of them could work together and figure out exactly they would work out their predicament, there was still the issue of their genders and Ciel was still young so even if it were okay for them to be together, it would look suspicious, "Sebastian," The butler rose a brow at the boy, "This is an order, at all costs, find a way for us to be together."

A smile spread across Sebastian's face, he went down to one knee and placed a hand over his chest, "Yes, my lord."
SUPER short chapter! :ohnoes:  I honestly didn't know what else to add for this :(
Hopefully the next chapter will be longer and have some awesome Seba~

Disclaimer ©Sebastian Michaelis to Yana Toboso.©
©Ceil Phantomhive to Yana Toboso.©
©Story to me.©

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