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Jump! shine!

there's 3, 3 animations i made that have the same name jesus christ,
you all think i do this cause im lazy but one day i will master mikus jumping.
idk i wanted to re-do this in pixelart, i wasnt really happy about the result of the non pixel one!
so, if you heard of mikus with short hair, get ready for.......... medium hair length Mikus!
wow i can already feel the complains!   

Please remember this is free to use as long credit !! (however you cant re-upload!)
Please enjoy!
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Super cute. I don't know if I have something that constructive to add when it comes to make a comment on this. I have no experience in making animations. But oh lordy, she is a doll. Well done!
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This is really cute!! 
You really need to teach me how you did it!!!

I love the colours you used on this because the aesthetic it makes is beautiful!!
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Aww. This is son cute. I love how Vocaloid characters are often portrayed as cute, off the wall characters. We have Miku (I love her green hair. Green is my color :D) I don't know her full personality, but all I want to know come she is the main vocaloid, compared to Rin and Len. Overall, I think your drawing is very beautiful. The color scheme matches with the vibe and tints of the characters. :D I love how her hair looks puffy than its usual straightforward appearance. I also like the fact that you made her eyes stand out to show character as she's jumping up and down. GOOD JOB !!!
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Ahh, This is super cute! The movement is really fluid and bouncy which gives it a super fun and excited look! I also like the soft/warm colours you used!

One critique I have is that the leg movements look a little jittery, especially the leg on our right. Either adding more frames or having the movement be smaller could help alleviate the problem.

Overall, amazing job!!
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I think you've gotten her jumping just right! Really loving her cute poofy hair too. :D
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Hello there from :iconprojectcomment:

I love this animation! the character is so cute, and the animation itself is very smooth. I have a hard time telling where the loop starts and stops when first watching it, and that's one of the biggest things that makes looped animations work well. 
The only flaw I see is in her right (our left, her right) leg. It really shakes a lot, and it makes it look a little silly (I had a hard time coming up with a description for it, but that's the best way I can describe it) it looks like her leg got misaligned in one of the frames and causes it to have a shakey movement when she's coming down from the jump.
In any case, you did a great job regardless. I love the hair and skirt bounce, as well as the cute expression she makes and the sparkles in the air. Wonderful work!
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The animation is so cute! Great job. :3
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aahh thank you so much!! o(^▽^)o
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Haha you’re welcome^^
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thank you!! o(^▽^)o
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Amg, so cute! I love the style you used! Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2] 
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ahhh thank you sooo much!! i wasnt really sure it means a lot to me!!! (/^▽^)/
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Awesome! ^^ ^-^ ^o^ ^_^ ^O^ ^0^ :heart:
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thanks a bunch!! (/^▽^)/
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This is extremely cute! Its pretty well executed as well! Very impressive overall.
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