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Dark Beauty - 29


Cavitto Discovery 29 by sVa-BinaryStar

ID #: 29
Name: Chelem (Dream) (she will call herself Eris later once she re-discovers what her power can do)
Nickname: none either Chelem or Eris
Breed: Cavitto
Gender: Mare
Age: 5 years
Path: Dishonored (may go exhaulted....not sure)
Power: Dream Walker
Color: Black Spotted Blanket Appaloosa
Genotype: Ee/aa/nLp/Drw
Registry: Pending
Guardian: ---
Secondary Powers: ---
Path Wings: ---

About Chelem/Eris:

Chelem was born a tiny thing and sickly. Many of the gods and goddesses turned her down as a potential mount by the time she was weaned from her dam. Though her coat was beautiful and mottled, something to envy, but her being so thin and frail, none of them could imagine her being of any worth. She was without a name until she was a year old, and already some feelings of anger towards the gods and goddesses around her were beginning to be sown. She also started to have a growing hatred for others of her breed. They were all so proud and noble, everything she wasn't.

When she turned a year old, she drifted off to sleep and dreamed some of the most wonderful dreams. Everything was perfect in that dream world, everything she wanted life to be like. She was accepted and loved. When she awoke, she seen Morpheus, the god of dreams. From that moment on, he claimed her as his and taught her the ways of dream walking. She grew to love walking through dreams and aiding others to rid themselves of nightmares. After many years of being taken care of by Morpheus, after growing into a full and lush mare with one of the prettiest coats around, she finally began to forget all the hurt that had plagued her the first year of her life.

Then...the Fall happened. Chelem had been fast asleep, dreaming her wonderful dreams, when she was suddenly tossed from her perch on a cloud. She looked up, screaming for her Morpheus, but never seen him. She closed her eyes and waited to finish her fall and die. She never remembered landing, but she didn't dream. For the first time in her life since before she was a yearling, she didn't dream. She slept for days, not one dream or nightmare crossing her mind. When she awoke, all the pain, hurt and anger she had felt before came rushing back in full force.

Later (in her story) she will discover that she can create nightmares when walking through others dreams, and she is given the name Eris by another Cavitto (Apollinaris) after she nearly frightens him to the point of death.

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