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ID #: 10
Name: Artemisios (male form of Artemis)
Nickname: Art
Breed: Cavitto
Gender: Stallion
Age: 5 years (more like 500 XD)
Path: His path will be determined at various points during his journey by people who are reading and keeping up with it with polls and journals. Ultimately he will be Exhalted, but he can have some crazy twists in there ^^
Power: Metal
Color: Flaxen Liver Chestnut Fallen Stardust
Genotype: ee/A+At/ff/FslFsl/nMtl
Registry: Pending
Guardian: ---
Secondary Powers: ---
Path Wings: ---

About Artemisios:

Artemisios was gifted to Artemis before he was even born by her companion Orion (before is death). She actually aided in his birth, this was the one and only time she ever was a mid-wife to something other than a human woman. Their bond was almost instantaneous. For Artemis, it was because this was the first animal she had birthed, for Art, it was because she was the first thing he had seen and smelled.

She hand raised him after his birth and once she was able to ride him, she immediately started training him to hunt with her at night. He quickly grew used to her bow and arrows as well as the hunting dogs that she kept with her. He would do anything and everything his goddess ever asked him, and never once would miss a chance at going on a hunt with her. He also would carry her to each and every woman that would give birth. Their favorite activity together would have to be riding upon the moon, a clear representation of his goddess.

When Artemisios fell from Mt. Olympus, his memory seemed to fall from him as well. Artemis, fearing his impending death, called for the stars to come to him and keep him from hitting the ground too hard. This resulted in the stars molding to his mane and tail and coat, mutating it into a new gene. Once he fell, Artemis kept coming to him in dreams secretly. She feared that Zeus or Athena or any of the other gods or goddesses would find out about it, but it didn't stop her from trying to help him remember.

Right now, Art is lost and alone, but he won't be that way for much longer :)

Breeding: Closed except under special circumstances ^^
1. SunshineAngel21
2. WildTable
3. polariStudios
4. PolarisAstrum
5. :devSLEC-EqlsMyLife:
6. billygoatsgruff
7. AthenaMyth


Registration: 1 point
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Full body, no Background: 2
Full Body, painted background: 6 points

Points: 9/20
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Just wanted to throw some random love at the sire of my beloved Pathos and Neros <3 I love this stallion so much :heart: