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Freebie: Tifa For G8F DL


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Free Download of Full morph, materials, hair and Cloths.

You can use head and body morph for everything.

Update soon!

I need your support for more Daz contents Or other let me know in the comments.

You can contribute to my work here:

I will make exclusive contents every month for my Patreons!
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hey buddy , how to transfer body and head morphs to g8f....would love to learn that, please share, cheers

Thank you sooooo much.

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Thanks so much!!

Great! THANKS!!!

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Thanks so much!

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Dud, Big up and Big thanks!

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Stunning! Many thanks for sharing!

Thanks for this.

Question: Does the hair have any bending morphs? I can't see how to move it.



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I'm using it now and do not believe it does. I'm using d-formers.

Thank you.


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Simply awesome.

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Hi Its me again. Question! How do U put a zip file on Ur image so people can download Ur Modle? Because I want to share My Modle that I made

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Hi, I followed these step but for me I need to exit when I load picture and finish in

How to put rar/zip files on deviantart for DL
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I have ready added a Image put I want to attach the zip file. But some odd reason it wont let me

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Put zip before and change preview image then exit and go to to finish .

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Aaahhhh...U are so genius XD. Okay thats what I'll do. Thank U

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Thanks xD.

What do you share with us? :)

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Oh I wonted to share this pose. Not the figures just the pose If U have DAZ tho. I wouldnt think Shinteo would be happy with me if I took is work and just give to Well the figures is Mine That I made but the outfit he input to DAZ

Pyra From Xenoblade Action Figure
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This is great :)

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Where do i find them?
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You can download the file with Download button under the picture.

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Ohh 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ im a idiot thanks tho 😂
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