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Freebie: Cheryl (Heather) Mason For G8F Download

After 2 long Days it's done.OMG 

You can use the cloths for Fanart only.
The morph can be use for Everything.

Credit me if you want because "I'm a little boat in the ocean"
© 2020 - 2021 CheckerToo
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Many thanks for sharing 😉😊😉😊!

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Still needs a lot more work.

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Hello, thanks for the file, I love it

On the other hand little question, do you have the texture of my unsullied skin please, it would be good to have both, I ask you this is for my scenes, thank you in advance

Your work is awesome, looking forward to your other creations

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I will update the skin soon.

I can make a color transfert for clean skin or I can put color texture from Silent Hill 3 model.

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Thank you very much

See you soon :)

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Thank you so much for sharing! It looks fantastic!

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Thank you. Very nice

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Stunning! Many thanks for sharing!

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where can i buy this character of yours

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You can download under the picture on the right.

I made 5 Freebies:

If you want support my work you can do it here:

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Fantastic! She's every bit as cute as her namesake. Thank you!

I'm playing with her now. Is there by chance a clean version of her skin? That'd be awesome to use to create an alternate clean version of her for other scenes.

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I will try to make an update for skin in the future. ;)

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THANK YOUUUU :la: :la:

i love this model :heart:

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I'm glad you like it :D

Thanks little boat

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You're welcome, go Watching me, I will do other;P

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It's a pleasure !

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