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Sseleman The White Demon-


I hope reposting this one doesnt come back to haunt me some day u__u *crosses fingers and prays*

Sseleman Eht, a white demon purified at birth by the power of Araiyah himself...unlike other demons his wings were white.

The darkness and power of hell sent him into instant pain, and those around him could sense that purity and the power inside frightened them. In a panic they tried to kill him. Over and over they tried to kill the infant to discover no matter how they tried, he simply couldn't die.

For most this was a terror...for Gaiyah...this was a game...a new plaything that could not be broken. With a twisted smile he snatched the child and made it his property, branding Sseleman permanently with his own name and depriving the baby his own. Sseleman Eht...the nameless...a child not granted a true name and enslaved by the power of another...

Character from my story "forsaken" Lets hope when I post it this time (the story) I'll actually get the motivation I need to finish the rewrite and continue the story...because frankly...I really want to be able to post the sequel some day.

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Oh my god!!! I bought this print at a convention nearly a decade ago, but lost it when I moved! I cant express how happy it makes me to see this again!

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cool picture and good story i hope for more
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Super awesome :D
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I really like this guy =) Before I had a da I would always enjoy looking this piece up. I really like your backstory for him too :heart:
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Hey, I was flagged for copyright against this a couple weeks ago, I took it off but I was wondering if I could bring it up again. Last time I had it up, I had a whole different name and region for the role play guy I use. Look almost exactly like him. If you happen to reply with an answer, if yes, I be sure to add the copyright symbol towards you so that you know and the name at the bottom of who this really is. Thanks for not banning me for a mistake I did.
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was this posted here or some other website? (sorry I dont log into this account often) If it was on deviantart I would really prefer you not post it but if its in some noname forum if you could credit back to my other account then i can permit it so long as link is given to my page <3
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Forgot to add this; If no, I'll never bring him up again and use one of my other guys.
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I have seen piuctures like this on PhotoBucket and Images in general,what if someone uses it as a avatar,would there be a copyright involved,and of course they are not writting it off as their own.
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nice wallpaper
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I said if I might use your picture in my MANnGA .... only you would put other clothes according to the time of the mannga ... hopefully tell if ... $
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haha sorry please don't. But thank you for asking.
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gracias de todas formas :D
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esta muy bueno el dibujo, no se si me permites, poder ponerlo en mi manga de demonios...claro que solo le pondria una tatto en el pecho..y adaptaria su ropa ala epoca delmanga :$ permites ? :$
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sorry I dont understand and google translate isn't helping me much.
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i've seen this before with my friend. i lost the link to it. a few months later i remembered it and tried to remind my friend. 5 months later i found it!!!!
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hahahaha I'm glad you like it.
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is this an anime? or did you just make it up? besides that I FREAKING LOVE IT@!!!!!!!! SOO FREAKING HOT :D
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