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HELLO!!! I'm back from my accidental hiatus!! 

it has been a craaaaaazy four months! hung out in Florida, went to some cons, finished college, got a job at Target, figuring out what to do with my life. All that fun adult stuff! BUT! i've still been drawing like crazy! what else do i do? :P I'll be working on updating my page and getting all art from the last few months posted.

To all those who haven't hit the unwatch button, thank you! :P I'm back! :D

:iconbeeplz: Bee
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hey hey everyone! it's been a long time since I wrote a journal! oops! yay college and junk!

So next weekend, as many of you may know, is Sakura-Con! And I'm displaying some of my artwork in the Art Show/Auction and Print Shop. So if you are going to be there, it would mean a lot to me if you stopped by and checked it out!

Also COSPLAY!!!!! I'm so freakin excited for my cosplays this year! 

Thursday - Day 0: Yato 
Friday - Day 1: Suzuya Juuzou (Tokyo Ghoul) 
Saturday - Day 2: Daydream/King Yato :iconyatogamiplz:
Sunday: Hinata (Haikyuu!) and Sakura (Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-Kun)

I've been busy making "Juuzou's Jason" - Suzuya's quinque/weapon, I'll be posting pictures soon! 

So if you see me, please feel free to say hi! I'd love to meet you awesome people! :D

Sorry again for not writing in months! hope to see some of you soon!

Bee :iconchecker-bee:
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Hey hey everyone who reads this! :D

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I'm so grateful for everyone who looks and supports my art! You guys are great and keep me drawing! 

I recently opened a store where I sell my artwork that they put onto a variety of different products. It's pretty darn cool!…

They're having a 15% off promo code for anything on their site in honor of Black Friday, so I thought I'd advertise my store a little! Pretty much anything you see in my gallery is in my store!

I also gladly take commissions and suggestions! I'll soon be posting some of the cell phone charms and buttons I've been working on! :D they'll be available for purchase soon but if you're interested, you can let me know here! :D

Thanks! and Happy beginning of the Holidays! :D

Checker-Bee :heart:

Back from my mini-hiatus!

Thu Oct 2, 2014, 1:08 AM
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  • Eating: nutella! :D
  • Drinking: Coffee! I a ghoul? ...uh oh
hey hey everyone! I'm back from my lil unofficial hiatus! My poor drawing tablet broke AGAIN so I had to send him to the tablet hospital AGAIN, but now he's back and so am I!

Just finished my first week back at school (we start really late!) and my first week has been full of excitement!! I moved into my new apartment with my two lovely roommates (but I miss my roomie from last year, the lovely :iconplot-chick:! But she's over in Taiwan right now having adventures and being amazing as always!) I joined my school's Glee club with several good friends of mine, singing a solo as an initiation into the club. I've never done that before, but it was actually pretty exciting! I didn't feel terribly nervous but then my legs started shaking! no worries! I powered through it and now I'm working on "Pompeii" by Bastille, "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" and "Sing" by Ed Sheeran. I'm so excited! I'm stepping out of my comfort zone, making new friends, and getting the performing opportunity I've been missing since I graduated high school! :D

I also began my Japanese class this quarter and I'm looooooving it! :D It's been a long time since I was this excited about a class. I'm just so eager to learn all that I can, getting daydreams of going to Japan some day and teaching. Funny, I'm picking up this language a lot faster than I did Spanish. I feel like I've learned almost as much Japanese in one week as I did in 4 years of Spanish in high school. Maybe the teaching is just better here. Maybe Japanese is more my style. Maybe my enthusiasm is helping out. Maybe all three! All I know is I'm having fun learning again! What a great feeling!

And of course, I'm arting again! I have a few projects in the works right now, posting a few traditional sketches from over the Summer in the meantime. A lot of stuff from the anime I've been watching (FREE! OMG THE ENDING MELTED MY HEART!! AND THEN TOKYO GHOUL CAME ALONG AND SMASHED THAT HEART TO PIECES! XO) and I'm also working on finally designing my own characters. Hoping to fit in a few Halloween themed pieces as well in honor of my favorite month!

so that's about it for my updates! Sorry I was away for a while but I'll hopefully be posting more now that my beloved tablet is back and I'm surrounded by fellow artists and creative minds back at school!

おやすみなさい! :heart:

Summer Tabet Curse!

Sun Aug 3, 2014, 10:58 PM
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This is crazy! for the second summer in a row, my drawing tablet has broken! and it broke in the same way. First, it starts glitching, randomly stops working unless I jiggle the USB cord. It keeps getting worse and worse until eventually, it just stops working completely.  The difference this time, last summer my tablet was 3 years old. This time, my tablet is 7 months old. And its a higher quality tablet.

So now, I"m fighting to get the poor thing repaired or replaced. I called the Wacom peoples and am going to send it in. The hang up is that Best Buy can't get me my receipt or proof of purchase that was lost when we moved in June. Current status: Asking them if a record on a bank statement will work. 

Long story short, I"m back to traditional art only for the time being. *sigh* i love doing traditional, but I'd gotten spoiled by digital and was in the middle of a lot of projects. :(

Oh well, nothing can stop me from drawing! So now, I'm breakin out my markers and water colors :D  
other than that, my life's just been working full time at the grocery store and watching anime :P
That's my lil life update! thanks for reading! Everyone else having a good summer? 



Fri Jul 25, 2014, 3:40 AM
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hi everyone

I wanted to ask everyone for their thoughts and advice on a personal dilemma I've been facing lately.  This is also a mild-rant/discussion with myself

I have a side art blog on tumblr  and a Pintrest board for my artwork along with my DA page. Here on DA, I have no problem posting my latest works, even if I don't receive much feedback. I post things all the time on Pintrest. However, on my tumblr side art blog, I'm feeling lost, behind, and hesitant to post my work. I'm trying to rationalize this and find out what's wrong with me. It's unlike me to lack confidence in my artwork, and yet every time I go to post something on tumblr, I end up chickening out and pressing the cancel button.  I'm used to not being a very big artist online. That's ok, I'm not complaining about that. I make art for my own sake and enjoy posting it to share with you all, appreciating gratefully any and all feedback I recieve. So it's not like fear of little recognition is stopping me. I'm gonna make art no matter what! what's my problem?

I have a few theories:
:bulletblack: DA was the first place I ever posted my work and thus my page has been with me throughout the entirety of my learning to draw. I'm comfortable with DA and have history. my tumblr page, on the other hand, is new, fresh, ....empty. I'd feel like I'm starting from scratch and would feel odd doing mass postings to display the artwork I've done up to this point that I would need to post to show who I am as an artist to any new followers.

:bulletblack: I already have an established tumblr with, sorry if this sounds like bragging, a lot more followers than I ever expected to have. (seriously, i never thought I'd get over 10! lol!) Maybe I feel like since I already have this identity as nutella-fandom on tumblr, its weird to be posting work as checker-bee. And yet, my main blog already has a theme to it.  Should I just post my work as nutella-fandom mostly and not as checker-bee?

:bulletblack: Maybe, if I'm honest with myself, I really am afraid of little feedback I'd recieve. The way tumblr is set up, you see the recognition on a post a lot more directly than on DA. The number of likes/reblogs is right there, while as on DA, its subtly off to the side. Perhaps seeing that bold number at the bottom of a post is intimidating me, like I see how few notes it got.

Those are just a few ideas. Does anyone else have difficulties like this? I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions :) hope this wasn't too whiney or anything. Thanks for reading/listening :heart:

Show me Yours!

Fri Jun 27, 2014, 8:55 PM
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  • Reading: Percy Jackson: House of Hades
  • Watching: Princess Jellyfish & FMA Brotherhood
  • Drinking: Coffee! :D mean "borrowed" from my lovely friend :iconkareink: cuz it looked fun and she's awesome :heart: I had some textures and writings that could've had these spots, but I wanted to just do pictures to feature some of my favorite artists! :)


                                                                                                                                                                                                 Killua by Aniteen9
                                                                                                                                             "Killua" by the talented Aniteen9 (I love this artist! she draws all my fandoms!)



                                                                                                                                                                                               yato by INstockee
                                                                                                                                                         "Yato" by INstockee (I'm so happy to have my boy Yato on here! :heart:)



                                                                                                                                                                                Mallows by Turtle-Arts
                                                                                                                       "Mallows" by Turtle-Arts (omg this is so freakin cute!!! Charmandar's derp face!!)


                                                                                                                                                          night over Toronto . by megatruh
                                                                                                                                               "Night Over Toronto" by megatruth (i'm a sucker for starry skies!)


                                                                                                                                                                             Fighting for Our Own Wishes by Checker-Bee
                                                                                                           "Fighting for Our Own Wishes" by me! I'm also a sucker for watercolor wash backgrounds :)           

You should do this too! It's fun to look back through your favorites and drool again over the arts you drooled over before! Leave me yours in the comments or in your own journal (like I did!)

Storenvy store opened :D

Sat Jun 21, 2014, 3:20 AM
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Hey hey hey! 

I just opened up my Storenvy store :D don't have a whole lot up yet, but I posted my prints and will be posting my keychains soon.

If anyone's interested in some of my prints, feel free to stop by or send me a note :) I'm working to save up for plane tickets back to Washington for a convention, so anything helps :D

Honestly, since moving to Alaska for the summer, its been kinda rough. Trying to find a new job, super crummy internet, away from my product making tools like my sticker maker and laminating machine. But I'm trying to make the best of it and do my best to stay positive and keep making art :)

Loves! :heart:

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  • Eating: carrots and hummus - so healthy! :D
  • Drinking: nothing! - so dehydration! :D
As I've said before, I'm a self-taught artist. And by self-taught, I mean I don't have any special schooling or degrees. I pretty much just picked up a notebook and pencil and asked my friend to show me how to draw a chibi one day. That's where the madness began! My teachers have been my wonderful friends, books from the library, internet tutorials. I bet a lot of you can relate right?

that being said, I first off wanna give a thank-you shout-out to :iconsaucyplebeian: and :iconkareink: for answering my last journal question and sharing with me the wonders of dpi adjusting. Remember how I said I'm self-taught? I'd never heard of dpi or how to adjust it. So a big THANK YOU to those two friends of mine for sharing yet another secret of digital artwork I had no clue about! :D

I also wanted to share a link to two super helpful Paint Tool SAI brush tutorials I recently discovered on tumblr that have drastically helped a piece I'm working on.
:bulletyellow:… (this girl is a fantastic artist! I recommend you check out her blog :D)

although a lot of this may seem obvious to some, I'm thrilled! I tried adding texture layers to an old drawing and one I'm working on. I nearly rolled off my bed in excitement they looked so cool! such improvement! (very art! much textures! wow! :icondogememeplz:)
Sedna by Checker-Bee oooh! look at that aquatic texture!  wooooooas! 

so yeah, I'm always on the lookout for new ways to improve my artwork! It's so refreshing to add new spins to your techniques. Never stop learning! :D  

Paint Tool Sai Help Please :)

Journal Entry: Fri May 16, 2014, 10:25 PM
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  • Watching: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
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  • Drinking: diet orange soda (much yum!)
hey hey everyone! 

is anyone knowledgable about Paint Tool Sai? I have a question :)

whenever I post a picture I did in Sai, it always looks pixelated and smudgey, especially the backgrounds. Does anyone know why this is? I save it as a JPEG sometimes. Do i need to save my files as a PDF or PNG in order to make them look clearer? can making them too big make them look pixelated? is it the airbrush tool that does that? Is there a trick in Sai to make your pictures look more crisp and clear? 

I'm getting to that point again where I feel like I'm plateauing a bit and want to find new ways to improve my artwork, so I've been trying new coloring techniques. I'm also making it a goal this summer to try some more original artwork ideas. Who cares if that doesn't get much attention. My artwork doesn't get much internet attention anyway! so I guess that's a blessing. No expectations! 

Trying to survive my last few weeks of school before Summer. Just turned in my student teaching application a few days ago! Yay future planning! :D but this summer, I'm going to be up in Alaska with only anime, netflix, and my art supplies for company! oh, and my doggies too! :D so expect a lot of new art! ha ha!

anyway, that's all for now! gotta get back to homework and watching Free! Iwatobi Swim Club for the 100th time! :iconharukananaseplz:

Purple CSS

Images & Code by CrimsonReach

Viking Con

Wed Apr 30, 2014, 9:23 PM
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its that time of year again! Viking Con, the mini comicon that my school, Western Washington University,  puts on every year, is this Saturday. And I got a table! woot!!! so I've been madly dashing about to get ready.

i'm adding 

- 12 new prints
- about 40 new chibi keychains
- stickers and buttons!
- a new bookmark!

and I finally made commission prices! :D I may post them after the con cuz I love doing commissions! :D

so yeah, lil update from me :)  if you're gonna be there, stop by table 3 and say hi! :D

finally a new journal! :D

Wed Mar 26, 2014, 1:43 PM
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  • Watching: Durarara!
  • Playing: pokemon Y and Candy Crush (f****ing Jelly!!)
  • Drinking: coffee (i think i'm legitimately addicted ^^;)
hey hey hey! finally posting a new journal! :D i ought to do this more....*procrastinates*

so update on those new years resolutions:

Bullet; Yellow loose weight so i can look good in my Sakura-Con cosplays! - i've lost some weight and have gained confidence! let's do this! :D

Bullet; Yellow finish my Sakura-con cosplays! - soooo close! just finishing my Aladdin staff, then gotta make the vest and find the flute :)

Bullet; Yellow start looking into art careers. gotta start following those dreams! - haven't had a lot of time for that with my classes, but i'm gonna look into some art classes this summer :)

Bullet; Yellow improve my discipline and dedication to my school work - got a freakin' 4.0 GPA this quarter! got a 97%, a 96%, and two 100%! think i nailed this one! :D

Bullet; Yellow sell at at least one convention - I'm signed up for Viking-Con and am gonna sign up for Geek Girl Con in October :)

Bullet; Yellow establish my Etsy store - Discovered a site called "Storenvy" which is free :)

Bullet; Yellow finish the animes I start!! *cough cough* attack on titan *cough cough* - Finished SnK and am reading the manga! now i gotta catch up on everything else! TT____TT

Bullet; Yellow do more original art work, not just all fan art - started designing and drawing four new OCs! :D

Bullet; Yellow when I do do fan art, do a wider range of shows and movies and games - heh heh....SnK addiction :P Does anyone have any requests or suggestions for what fan art I should draw? :)

Bullet; Yellow save up and get financial aid for my Japan Trip in June - sadly the trip isn't going to happen :( but i'm applying to do my third quarter of student teaching abroad! :D

so there's my resolution update! :D gonna keep workin at them! can't stop me now!

does anyone have any suggestions or requests for fandoms or characters they'd like to see me draw? i like input :) and i'm always up for a good art trade! :D

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Happy new year everybody!

Tue Dec 31, 2013, 8:10 PM
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Happy New Year everyone!!! Thanks for a great 2013! Let's make 2014 even better! :D

what are your new years resolutions? 
what are you most looking forward to in 2014?
what was your best moment in 2013?

I have so many resolutions!

:bulletyellow: loose weight so i can look good in my Sakura-Con cosplays!
:bulletyellow: finish my Sakura-con cosplays!
:bulletyellow: start looking into art careers. gotta start following those dreams! 
:bulletyellow: improve my discipline and dedication to my school work
:bulletyellow: sell at at least one convention
:bulletyellow: establish my Etsy store
:bulletyellow: finish the animes I start!! *cough cough* attack on titan *cough cough*
:bulletyellow: do more original art work, not just all fan art
:bulletyellow: when I do do fan art, do a wider range of shows and movies and games
:bulletyellow: save up and get financial aid for my Japan Trip in June

This year, I'm looking forward to Sakura-Con,  watching How to Train Your Dragon 2, doing more art work with my tablet, applying for my student teaching internship, and, if I can make it happen, my Japan Trip!

Best moment(s) of 2013: 
Emerald City Comicon where I met Misha Collins
going to Alaska
my brother's wedding
selling at Viking-Con
moving in with my wonderful roommates
meeting my boyfriend (we met because I was playing Pokemon Y and we both love Pokemon!!)
rediscovering my love of anime and Disney!
Obsessing over Jack Frost
seeing so many fantastic movies
Christmas in Florida
Disney World and Universal Studios

Thanks for another great year everyone!! Love you guys!!

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Finals are Over! Onward to Christmas!

Thu Dec 12, 2013, 7:42 PM
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  • Playing: my violin
  • Eating: mashed potatoes :D
  • Drinking: coffee (i think i'm legitimately addicted ^^;)
  After a long stressful two weeks of papers and exams, I am FINALLY done with finals! :D Heading back home tomorrow to work at my movie theater for a few days then flying out to Orlando,Florida to visit my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas!  And as if that wasn't enough, I get to go to Disney World!!! I AM THE EXCITE!!!! :D Funny, it hasn't really sunk in until now that tests are done that I'm actually going on this trip. Going to be weird having a hot sunny Christmas. I wonder if I should send a letter to North and let him know? I don't think Jack Frost will be in Florida, so I can't ask him to tell North. And I don't have anymore baby teeth to loose. yep, better send a letter :)

side note, I'm going to see "The Hobbit" midnight premiere tonight! Sooops excited! :D might have to fanart for that. I mean come on! Bennedict!! :D

Now that I'm on vacation, I can finally start working on art trades and secret santa gifts! and if anyone wants commissions for Christmas, feel free to ask! 
otherwise, i'm going to be drawing like crazy, watching a ton of anime, snuggling with my doggy, boppin' around tumblr (I'm Nutella-Fandom if anyone wants to say hi! :D) and playing my violin. *sigh* sounds delightful!

hope all of you are getting through finals and the end of school ok. I'm rootin' for you! :iconglompplz:

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as some of you may have noticed, I have been doing only traditional pieces lately. My tabley, Wyatt, has been ill for the last few months, glitching, not responding to the pen, and dying off. well, I gave him a break for a while to let him rest and tried again tonight and sadly, Wyatt is completely unresponsive. *sigh* I guess he's retiring from duty after nearly 3 hard working years. Thank you for all your hard work Wyatt. We've made some great art together and you've served me very well. 

so for the forseeable future, its gonna be pretty much all traditional work from me. But hey! thanks to this, I've had fun experimenting with different media like acrylic paints and water colors (and I love them both!!) 

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I'm thankful I am able to draw and I have a great place to share my art and appreciate the art of others. You guys and your work is so inspiring and supportive to me, it encourages me to keep arting! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

btw, to raise money for a potential trip to Japan, I will be doing Christmas watercolor commissions. I'll be deciding prices and stuff soon (gotta get thru finals first!) but if anyone is interested, lemme know :)

and on another note, look at this journal skin i found!! :D SIE SIND DAS ESSEN UND WIR SIND DIE JAGAR!!!!!!!


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Wooo! Art trades!

Tue Nov 12, 2013, 11:01 PM

This has been great! All of a sudden, I've been doing a lot of art trades with people! I love drawing for people! art trades, gifts, commissions! love it!

if anyone wants a commission or art trade, lemme know!

Now that I'm almost done submitting all the art I did over the summer, I can start posting my most recent works as I do them. I like to spread out my posting so I don't go submitting a ton of pieces then go on a hiatus just because I ran out of pics to post. But i'm almost all caught up and am mixing in my recent works too :)

so yeah, if anyone wants a commission or an art trade lemme know!

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Happy Halloweek!

Mon Oct 28, 2013, 12:48 PM

wooo!!! the week we've all been waiting for! Halloweek! :D its also my birthday week! woot!

I finally get to post my halloween art this week! going to try to post one each day leading up to Halloween :) woo!


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Forced to be Traditional!

Mon Sep 23, 2013, 12:14 PM

I'm not sure what happened exactly, but I think my tablet and my laptop got in a big fight this summer and now they're not speaking. *sigh* whenever I plug Wyatt the Tablet into Alonso the Laptop, the light on Wyatt flickers then PFFT! nuthin! incredibly frustrating, spent hours on the phone with a nice (and kind of attractive sounding :iconblushplz:) tech support guy. it worked for like a day and now back to nuthin. rawr.

However, I am an optimist and like to make lemon miringue pie when life gives me lemons. Therefore, this summer I've been having a blast with water colors, markers, and acrylic paint. sure, some of my work might not look as fancy as digital work does, but in a way, i feel more attatched to my latest works. like, I did this with my own hands, hands that are now covered in paint! I've become friends with a little Beauty and the Beast cup from my childhood that has now become my paint water cup. I still have my computer programs to clean and spruce up my scanned pictures, so it's all good in the red riding hood!

so for the foreseeable future, my work is mainly going to be traditional :) hope everyone's cool with that. if not, try some lemon miringue pie!

- Bee

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Changed my name yet again!

Sun Sep 22, 2013, 10:21 PM

hey peoples! hope nobody minds, but i changed my name again. Giavannzi just didn't feel very "me." sounded too much like Giovanni, like someone from "The Godfather" or something :P 
i love the checker print pattern and i think bumble bees are adorable (although i get a little freaked out if they fly too close to me! ^^:) i think i have a respect for them as well as thinking they're cute! i mean, they make honey and pollinate beautiful flowers! and they're partially yellow, my favorite color! :D
so anyway, I'm Checker-Bee now. probably going to draw a character to represent it, a human and a bumblebee character. like a little bee who has black and yellow checkers instead of stripes :)

thanks so much to everyone who voted in my poll. your opinions helped!
and with this new name will come some more art. i have stuff to submit and really can't explain my weird hiatus-like lack of activity :P


   - Bee :

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Does anyone else have this problem? - Update! :D

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 31, 2013, 1:10 PM
hey everyone! finally posting a journal again! anyway, i'm curious to see if anyone shares my problem:

I love my sketchbooks so much that I don't want to draw in them!

i saw this adorable little shark on tumblr and i wanted to draw a chibi version of it to go with my reblog. so i grabbed one of the three sketchbooks i had around me and....I hesitated! i was like "oh man, look how close i am to finishing this sketchbook!" and I got sad. i looked through the sketchbook for a place to draw it on the back of a previous drawing but I was too attatched to them too and didn't want to risk any ink bleeding through! so now i have this idea to draw but i'm having to make myself use my sketchbook! my Logical and Irrational sides have been arguing about this!

Logical side: how is different from drawing on computer paper?! its better than computer paper! 
irrational side: but i don't want to mess up! 
Logical side: but part of art is messing up!
irrational side: i know but sketchbook is so pretty!!! and it costs money!
Logical side: BUT THAT'S WHY YOU BOUGHT IT! you can see, my two sides are quite at war over this! :P

does anyone else ever face this problem? 

more arts coming soon! I have a whole folder of stuff to submit but for some reason i haven't yet! (that's a whole other argument my 2 sides are having!)
L: you have all this art! why haven't you submitted it yet?!
i: but then i won't have anything else to post!
L: then make some more!!
i: but i don't want to use my sketchbook!
L: ugh!!

ok, gonna force myself to draw in the sketchbook! ttyl :)

Update 8/2: I've done 3 drawings in my sketchbook and I'm feeling quite proud of myself! :D one of them is even a watercolor! :D woot!

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