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ultra-Violet by Checker-Bee ultra-Violet by Checker-Bee
I painted this because Violet is arguably my favorite Pixar character. Although there may not be as many Pixar ladies (seeing as we only just recently got a female protagonist at last!) I still think Pixar does a good job with female characters. I loved Violet's character and development. she starts out as this incredibly shy, timid, unconfident character, hiding behind dark clothes and hair covering her face. Even her powers were meant to hide and protect her. But throughout the movie, she finds value in her contributions to her family and her abilities, growing into a kick-ass confident superhero who in the end gets the guy and not only that, she does the majority of the talking, decides the date, and encourages equality by offering to go dutch. Violet became a strong confident female character who overcame her shyness by saving herself, her family, and the world. I love her line "I feel different. Is different ok?" her tone still has a little hint of shyness, showing that she's still herself, but she accepts and embraces her new found confidence all while talking to the guy she literally was invisible to only a short time ago. 

I feel like I connect with Violet's character. I've dealt with feeling invisible and needing to protect myself from my lack of confidence in who I am. but over time, with bravery and seeing the need to step out of my comfort zone, I've embraced who I am, saying to myself "Is different ok? yes! yes it is!" I may not be a kick-ass superhero, but I am myself with who I am visible to myself and the world. so way to go Pixar! creating these strong confident female characters girls like myself can relate to!

done in Watercolor and Prismacolor markers in about 3 hours
Kosa17 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Love it :heart: Her hair are...incredible :D
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