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Gia's 2012 Summary o' art by Checker-Bee Gia's 2012 Summary o' art by Checker-Bee
Wow! 2012 has been a good year for my artistically artistic art! this was the year I had a table at a convention for the first time, discovered SAI and markers like Copic and Prismacolor, Came up with my main cast of OCs, watched a ton of Doctor Who, sacrificed way too many hours to Tumblr, and for the first time, had the villain of a movie be my favorite character! :P But I think my best artistic accomplishments of this year were learning photography (yeah, didn't put any in here, but stay tuned! I may make a photography summary o art!) having a table at Aki-Con, and slowly but surely allowing my family and friends to see my art more. They've been so supportive of my passion, its amazing. Especially my brother. He looked at my DA page complimented my work, and wanted to commission some of my photography (which I did for his Christmas present! I'll upload soon :P). Its funny, I look back at the January picture and am like "woas, was that really this year? it seems so long ago!" weirdness! It's been a great year. I feel I've improved a lot and only want to keep getting better!

Artistic New Years Resolutions:

- improve with Sai
- Start writing my story or drawing it in comic form
- Table at least one more convention
- try pastels
- make more plushies (I got a sewing machine, so let's do this!)
- draw more original work
- work on backgrounds
- continue a new coloring style I'm working on (you'll see in in one of my upcoming pics)
- take at least one picture everyday for a photo-journal
- learn to knit

Ok! that just about wraps up 2012! thanks so much for everyone's support! You guys have been so kind and encouraging! It really means a lot to me :heart: Thanks for a great year and here's to an even better 2013!
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Awesome! ^^
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thanks :)
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