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Checker-Bee's 2014 Year in Review

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Published: December 30, 2014
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wow! Another year has come and gone! but that means I get to make one of my favorite posts of the year! I like to make a brief comment about each month :)

If I had to pick the themes of this year, I'd say they are Color, Daring, Mythology, and Textures.

January: This month, I had just got a brand new digital drawing tablet so of course I had to break it in! :D I was also very focused on the characters for my story which, for lack of a real title, I call "the rat story," that month I sketched a lot of new characters including my pirate harpy (I love harpies :D) I was quite proud of this one because I finally did a background and different hair :) I started the year off being a little more adventurous than usual! (picture: Not Quite a Crow's Nest)

February: Attack on Titan attacked my life!!! I don't know what it is exactly, maybe the wild dark design, but something about the character design of Eren Titan just fascinates me and makes me want to draw him! I also continued being more adventurous with color, using it as a theme. This year, I also found I was more willing to do darker more creepy work, not soley cutesy kawaii art :) (picture: Eren TItan)

March: This year brought with it a lot of new stories and my new habit of having something start off as a doodle and end up as a full blown picture! Mythologies started greatly influencing my original characters and for this mermaid, I looked up Inuit mythologies and started making a character based on a story of a sea goddess who's body was used to create the creatures of the sea. fascinating! :D (picture: Sedna)

April: Around April, I was getting ready to sell at my school's comicon. I knew Game of Thrones was really popular and I'd been wanting to draw Denarys for a long time, so this picture happened! I continued the theme of Daring by trying elements that weren't so straight forward and cookie cutter as my older works, like playing with the hair turning into smoke. Tried to be a little more out there :) (Picture: Mother of Dragons)

May: Man this month was busy busy!!! prepping for final exams, packing up 2 houses, selling at a convention! and yet I still had time to draw fanart! :P I'm not sure why exactly, but I love Nonon from Kill La Kill! also began experimenting with different backgrounds :)

June: oooooooooh boy, June! what a month June was!! an emotional rollercoaster and a revolutionary time for me as an artist! This month I moved up to a small town in Alaska, so for a while I had no friends, no job, and the internet was terrible! long story short, I felt quite depressed. so of course, I turned to art as an escape. I began looking for ways to improve my pieces, give it an extra something. but what?? it was then that a texture came up in my DA Watched Deviations messages. I'd seen them around a bit but never knew how to apply them or what they could do. So since I was bored and needed a distraction from the sudden downturn in my daily activity, I looked up tutorials on adding textures in SAI and found it was quite easy. to quote Pokemon, "Checker-Bee used Texture! It was Super Effective!" :P my work took on a whole new breath of life! they became so much more vibrant and exciting and emotional! i began adding textures to every picture I drew and revamped older pieces (a few in the picture were retouched!) So although this month was depressing and a bump in the road of my year, it turned out to be an eventful and new chapter month! :D (picture: Welcome to the Velvet Room)

July: Continued my banishment up in Small-Town Alaska :P my life was pretty much drawing, anime, sleep, and working at the grocery store! but I continued improving my use of textures and got more adventurous with colors! and Yay Hamatora! :D (Picture: Hamatora: Minimum)

August: Alaska Banishment Month 3 :P same routine! but this month, I completed a full on drawing series for the first time! I did a 4 part series of the 4 Magis from "Magi: Kingdom of Magic" - it was my first time fully commiting to one project for so long. But I was determined to stick it out and reach my goal! :D that and those characters were super fun to draw, Judal especially! :P this month also marked the momentous beginning of my store that had a slow start but has been slowly but surely getting more traffic! :D yay for taking a leap! (Picture: The Black Sun Magi)

September: FREEDOM!!! I got to return to Washington, to friends and civilization!! :P no no, I exaggerate! Alaska was great. I loved my job and my new friends! and I had plenty of adventures, like Halibut fishing! :D September, however, was a bad month for art. My poor drawing tablet, Jackson, got sick not once, but twice in the course of a month, so I had to keep sending him in for repairs! however, I practiced a lot of traditional art and improved my realism skills and different poses :) I also discovered "Tokyo Ghoul" this month and of course, I had to draw Kaneki-Baby!! (Picture: Kaneki Ken)

October: School kept me busy as I started Glee Club and Japanese class! but I still made time to draw and practice using textures and adding more action and dynamics to my work. Yay Ni No Kuni! :D (Picture: There Ya Go Ollie-Boy!)

November: This year, I met my muse who then became Muses! I met Yato from "Noragami" and his blessed lil Shinki, Yukine! I drew Yato and Yukine so much this year and started a Role Play blog for them on tumblr! ( if anyone wants to give Yato a job!) I started prepping for next year's cons this month too, improving my chibi product and prepping for a button maker, so of course I also had to add and improve my chibi drawings. I began adding backgrounds and textures to them and they're already looking better! :D (Picture: Yatogami at your service!)

December: Another insane month! Finals kicked me hard!! but once I got off for Christmas break and came down to Florida (where I'm writing all this! :P) I got to relax and continue arting! I've had a boom in creativity for my story this month! I even came up with the name, "Candlewick!" :D I worked on creating antagonists, naming characters, developing personalities and conflicts and relationships, and designing how they look. This picture is one of the newest additions, Shin who I am proud to say is an antagonistic character! :D Seriously, making antagonists is really hard for me, so this is an accomplishment! :D (Picture: Shin no Kitsune)

And there ya have it! ...well, part of it anyway! A brief overview of my 2014! I feel like in one year alone I've had a lot of improvement. I can't wait to see how I grow and change in 2015!! :D Thank you to everyone who supported me this year! Let's make 2015 great! :icondancingplz:
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