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2013 Summary Of Art by Checker-Bee 2013 Summary Of Art by Checker-Bee
oooh! I look forward to this post every year! :D last post of 2013! so here it is, a summary of my arts in 2013. 

now here's the part where I get to reflect and stuff! :D

January: this was one of my favorite drawings of the year to be honest! it was technically a fan art, but since I didn't know the character, it didn't feel like it. I also sold a copy of this drawing to an adorable little girl at a convention so that made it special :)

February: continued my new years resolution of drawing more backgrounds and angles. This was also the month that I made my first Etsy sale (of this picture :) )

March: From this month onward, Jack Frost held my pencils hostage unless I drew him! ha ha! love that guy! :heart: I began improving with lighting and shading with this month :)

April: heh heh! Totoro crossovers FTW!

May: I don't know how, but I drew May's picture all in one night! tried something a little more serious for a change :)
this was also the month I did Viking Con at my school. 

June: experimented with different styles and colors this month, as you can see with the chibi-esque Jack. This was also the year I was introduced to ships and friendshipping (I'm more of a friendshipper personally :) ) This was for tumblr's Bennefrost week :) 

July: Finally! Jack took a break from my art but I still couldn't help but draw snowy backgrounds and night settings. It's my go-to background for that moody dramatic look :P I may have also been inspired to draw colder climates since I was in Alaska half that month :)

August: This month I discovered Cartoon Hangover! I LOVE Bee and Puppycat and Bravest Warriors!! 

sadly, this too was the month that my beloved digital drawing tablet Wyatt retired unexpectedly. So for the next four months, I was all traditional art. yeah it sucked at first, but honestly, it was a great opportunity to explore different media and get creative. I discovered the joys of watercolor, painting wood, and I did my first painting on a canvas as a wedding gift for my brother and sister-in-law :)

September: More mixed media experimenting :) I did chibi style in this picture, but in my other works I started changing my eye style to a mix of anime and realistic :) 

October: Jack came back! :P oooooh! Halloween Jack!! I began doing a lot more rough draft sketches before doing my actual paintings this month. This picture was based off a doodle I did in class :) I also created two new OCs this month and began developing their story based off fairy tales. See if that goes anywhere :) October was an imaginative month :)

November: In my exploration of different media, I discovered the brown paper sketchbook thanks to my wonderful friend and roommate, :iconlady-dragon-rider: I also saw "Frozen" twice this month, so I was totally in love with the characters, especially Elsa. I cried during "Let It Go" :) 

December: This month was FANTASTIC! :D I spent Christmas in Florida with my brother and sister-in-law, went to Disney World and Universal Studios, aaaaand Got a big fancy new tablet!! :D His name is Jackson (...whaaat?! I got him in JACKSONville, Florida! I'm not THAT obsessed with Jack Frost.....heh heh, yeah I am :iconblushplz:) and I love him! So of course that night I drew Anna to go with Elsa :) Experimenting with some new techniques like more soft blurring lines and different eye styles :) This year I also started practicing drawing comics more. I hope to start drawing comics regularly to get my stories out of my head and on to paper and to practice visual storytelling and storyboarding

so there you go! my year in arts! this is only scratching the surface. To be completely honest, I had issues with posting consistently this year out of frustration and lack of motivation with Deviantart. but i've started posting more on tumblr too and am trying to be more consistent here.

New Years Resolutions:

:bulletred: post my artwork more on deviantart and tumblr
:bulletblue: network myself more and display my artwork to more people and places
:bulletyellow: establish my Etsy store more
:bulletred: Sell at at least one convention
:bulletblue: continue working on backgrounds and scene details
:bulletyellow: less fan art, more original work (thats a biiiig challenge for me!! I love fanart! that's why i do OCs. they're original, but i feel like I'm doing fanart of my own characters! :P)
:bulletred: publish my photography more
:bulletblue: talk to more people here on DA and tumblr and be more active
:bulletyellow: try to do commissions, contests, and art trades regularly
:bulletyellow: Work hard and feel a sense of personal accomplishment by this time next year! :D

Thanks for another great year Deviantart and my wonderful DA friends! :icontoastplz:let's raise a toast to a wonderful 2014!!:icontoastplz:
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