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Jordan made me in kisekae :D by chechapuza Jordan made me in kisekae :D :iconchechapuza:chechapuza 4 0 Weirdo Eyes. by chechapuza Weirdo Eyes. :iconchechapuza:chechapuza 0 0
Life is Strange OC: Matt Brooker Bio
                         (Life is Strange OC)
                          (Matthew Edd Brooker)
"Matt is the new kid at blackwell academy.He appears around episode 1 during when Max first leaves the school building,You see him pass by and enter the school building himself."
Personality: Even though he's not a major character,He seems to have developed alot through the Game,He is shown to be polite and Calm,He rarely get's angry and or goes through fits of rage.
Appearance: Almost-like Warren,He is a bit slim along with Curly Brunette Hair,He is wearing a Red t-shirt with the word "Hi" During the first episode along with Dark blue jeans and Green Converses.
During the Second episode.He is seen wearing a Black hoodie unzipped,With a Green baseball shirt,Same jeans and same Shoes.
He then appears during episode 4.Where he is given a more prominent role.He
:iconchechapuza:chechapuza 2 0
Dj Knight Teen Titans Oc Bio.
Real Name: Thomas Fetchwell
Age: 17
occupation: Famous Dj (To Public),Villan (Reality)
Alias: Dj Knight.
Abilities: To Use his Music make shockwaves that cause different side effects,His ability to hack most things as he has hacked into the Jump City's electricity system.
Talents: Mixing,Making Music,Playing Bass,Graffiti,Hacking,His IQ
Appearance: A Slender Figure with a Black Hoodie Displaying his name "Dj Knight".He wears dark blue jeans.And his Signature Mask (Which is a blue glowing skull that covers up most of his face).And blue converse..(His Real Face-Which is a Kid with Blue dyed hair)
Personality: Words can comprehend Thomas or Dj Knight.He's not only very intelligent.But he's also very childish.He believes when he's behind the computer he's "King" but when faced with other heroes or villans.He stays quiet knowing his best defense has been taken away from him.He can also send Missions to Villans when he needs some work done..He usually types something Childish such as: LOL,RO
:iconchechapuza:chechapuza 1 7
Me in South Park! by chechapuza Me in South Park! :iconchechapuza:chechapuza 0 1
Black Cold Streets
It's always dark during night,The way the lights of the houses turn off as bedtime arrives,The way the cold snow freezes the homeless,The always underserving people always get what they want,So let's meet our hero
Jasper: A young 14 year old boy with short black hair a gray sweater that has dark scruff marks which makes it dirty,black ragged jeans he found outside a rich family house,and simple white socks.
Jasper went through the night scavenging through trash cans and boxes,The cold sent a eletric feeling through his spine as he tried best to ignore the cold.He stood up only for someone to call out to him.{Jasper!Jasper!Jasper!}The voice continued calling out to him.
Jasper stood up from hearing the voice,He noticed a well lit house in the distance giving the large house a welcoming glow.
The calls grew louder as Jasper slowly walked towards the house {Jasper!Jasper!JASPER!!!}Jasper moved a little bit faster as he just went and ran towards the house.
Time went slow as Jasper reached
:iconchechapuza:chechapuza 2 0
Asher The Blazehog by chechapuza Asher The Blazehog :iconchechapuza:chechapuza 0 0
Teen Titans: Red X and Jinx part 1:Love Heist
12:00AM midnight at Jumpcity museum of old relics)
Jumpcity was usually a very beautiful place to look at from a far but once you get closer you see the many flaws it holds.Tonight was any ordinary night.Like if there was ever one,A girl who has made a quite infamous reputation for herself in Jumpcity just so happened to be at the Museum at this hour.
The museum held many things ranging from dinosaur bones,Vases,Most importantly Diamonds and such,The girl was very different from the rest of the people in Jumpcity,She had pink hair tied into cat-like ears hairstyle she also had Cat like eyes that makes any foe question her,Her skin was pale and she was wearing a dark black dress which could be considered "Gothic"
"Man tough security it's like i almost got caught"Jinx said sarcastically to herself as she had no problem with security,She bagged a few gems into her bag as she looked upon the real relic she was looking for a powerful purple crystal which made many people in Jumpcity pay goo
:iconchechapuza:chechapuza 2 3
Donald Walking Dead OC by chechapuza Donald Walking Dead OC :iconchechapuza:chechapuza 0 4 Alex in FNAF (OC) by chechapuza Alex in FNAF (OC) :iconchechapuza:chechapuza 1 62 What you may think i look like.. by chechapuza What you may think i look like.. :iconchechapuza:chechapuza 0 0 I like masks. by chechapuza I like masks. :iconchechapuza:chechapuza 0 0 Nexo by chechapuza Nexo :iconchechapuza:chechapuza 2 0 Baxter Davis (Teen Titans Oc # 2) by chechapuza Baxter Davis (Teen Titans Oc # 2) :iconchechapuza:chechapuza 0 143 Portalix in My style! by chechapuza Portalix in My style! :iconchechapuza:chechapuza 0 0 Alot Stronger Than You Think. by chechapuza Alot Stronger Than You Think. :iconchechapuza:chechapuza 0 0


Headphone girl reborn by sakimichan Headphone girl reborn :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 15,979 262 Saki - Commission by QueenMV Saki - Commission :iconqueenmv:QueenMV 44 8 Naoto Shirogane - Swimsuit ver. DLC Cosplay by Kitty-Honey Naoto Shirogane - Swimsuit ver. DLC Cosplay :iconkitty-honey:Kitty-Honey 691 36 Replacement for the Stars by yuumei Replacement for the Stars :iconyuumei:yuumei 15,259 353 Bygone Days by yuumei Bygone Days :iconyuumei:yuumei 16,311 330 Daisy Ridley by oxboxer Daisy Ridley :iconoxboxer:oxboxer 871 21 Mawn idfk by psuliem Mawn idfk :iconpsuliem:psuliem 39 7 Eddsworld Girls by happydoodle Eddsworld Girls :iconhappydoodle:happydoodle 3,103 131 Gun Jack by ThunderstruckFangs Gun Jack :iconthunderstruckfangs:ThunderstruckFangs 3 6 There's a place in the dark where the animals go. by drawing-aizakku There's a place in the dark where the animals go. :icondrawing-aizakku:drawing-aizakku 7 16 Christmas Cheers! by Galactic-Red-Beauty Christmas Cheers! :icongalactic-red-beauty:Galactic-Red-Beauty 311 229 MaxWorld- Holiday Boarders by Gaming-Master MaxWorld- Holiday Boarders :icongaming-master:Gaming-Master 1 1 Max Caulfield by CarrotSprinkle Max Caulfield :iconcarrotsprinkle:CarrotSprinkle 209 29 wtf the fuq by PyroLikesTacos wtf the fuq :iconpyrolikestacos:PyroLikesTacos 18 2 Photo by Ask-Toby-Rogers Photo :iconask-toby-rogers:Ask-Toby-Rogers 45 15

Groups it's been an absolute while hasn't it?,So where do i start.

So if you're a long-time watcher or just a person who saw my stuff.and though it was descent..The only way i can fully say why i left or i was Gone.Was due to me having Health problems..

Probably around 2 years ago.I woke up with a large pain in my heart..So for around 2 years..I was keeping my health in shape YADA YADA YADA..And now i'm sorta back but i'm guessing by now..Nobody cares


chechapuza's Profile Picture
---->Your name is : Alex...

Your a geeky nerd who loves drawing and Video game refrences you have very nice friends who they respect you,Most of your friends wonder whats with the long hair.You say cause thats how i roll

You have been Rebirth into a better human being to live the world as you once dreamed,You've been turned into something not ever known you are..


(Homestuck refrence)


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