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Something from the beginning of this year.

Acrylic, pencil, charcoal, digital

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The child’s face on his head gives me the creeps. Awesome job!
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I'm saving all of your art now.
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Also, ich weiß nicht, ob ich mich nun gruseln soll oder nicht. Das Wesen guckt so fragend und unschuldig, da muss man sich doch nicht fürchten, oder? ;)
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It's just realistic enough to give me nightmares and just stylized enough to give off a strong surreal feeling, I love it!
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Maybe you didn't play The Endless Forest back then, but the character from your painting resembles very well with these deer creatures from the game.
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How come I couldn't find this animal at Petsmart?
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when someone's talkin' behind your back
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Very interesting design.
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reminds me of endless forest oml
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People keep bringing this up, seems like I need to do some googleing :)
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Did u ever played "Endless Forest" ? <3
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Noo, I haven't! My experience in video games is severely lacking though, so I might have to stop by Google today and take a look ...
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No worries! Its still cool! :)
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Cute and Creepy at the same time. Very cool. 
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uh, i would shit my pants if i saw that in the woods.
great drawing!
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Well done, creepy and nice
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sweet and creepy :)
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