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51 Pegasi B, commonly known as Belleropheon, the greek hero who rode a pegasus, is a hot jupiter and the first extrasolar planet ever discovered. The planet would likely be tidally locked, but in the small chance it is not it may have dense rings and a small moon system.

30 mins. in PSE 8.
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very nice but..whats up with the ring..its just sort of disapears :S it looks cut shud have made it shadowed instead or try to feather the edges of it but the planet looks realy good and the moons :D every time i try to make a moon it ends up looking like an asteroid....maybe if i try to make an asteroid it will end up looking like a moon XD
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I did try to make a shadow but it never looked quite right, so I simply deleted what remained of the ring. PSE doesn't have a good 'alpha selection' filter.