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frame brushes

set of 8 brushes in one
.abr file, good for at least
photoshop 7 & higher. :]

edit | whoa, so many downloads!
i'd love to see what all you guys
are doing with these, if you're open
to sharing. ;]
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Download is broken :'(
these are so beautiful, thank you! :)
Beautiful set. thanks!
 Here is an example of how I used one of your frames…
nice brush, thaks
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Beautiful, thanks for sharing :)
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nice very nice but unfortunatelly I am a GIMP user...
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So far I've created a few small frames with grunge or vintage style, do not really know how to define it.
If you want to see are here:…
Let me know if you liked.
Thanks for sharing!
Beautiful...........Thank you!
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I Like it
Thank you very much :)
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Does these work for GIMP? (I guess they don't...)
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Try. I use Photoshop brushes on Gimp all the time. ^__^
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I tryed. And they worked! :wow: :D
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Glad to hear it. ^_^
Pretty much all the Photoshop brushes I've been downloading, have worked wonderfully for GIMP, which makes it even better 'cause Gimp doesn't have hardly any of the brushes I like. xD
Happy Gimp-ing~<333
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You're welcome~<333
Many thanks for your kindness. Excellent brushes.
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im making graphics with these :3 like banners and stuff. and these are wonderful
thank you so much :D!
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