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flames from a backyard evening fire. all rights reserved. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I'm not much of a hard ass if people ask me to use this, but please ASK FIRST.
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© 2006 - 2021 Che-Gue-Petey
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hi i'd like to use this stock for a work can I download it? you'll be credited and I'll give you the link of my artwork
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Hi may i use your picture? you will be creditted :)
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Hii :) can i use it?
hi, can i use thi picture? ;)
Che-Gue-Petey's avatar
Sure, just remember credit
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Hey i love this picture would i be able to use it as a avatar on a game, it will be credited to you as it is a part of game rules. Lovely work and Thank you :)
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Could I use your flames for a surrealism project? It looks very nice to use.
Hi there,, awesome job. I was wondering, if I could use your pic to design an icon?
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May I please use your art? It's only for a book cover (but not a real one). I will credit you ♥
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Hi, I'm wondering if I can use your photo of a flame for a design I'm doing you flame is the best shape for the job but as I have seen it's ALL RIGHTS RESERVED so I thought I would ask it probably won't look the same but I thought I should ask your permission. Thanks. Nice artwork by the way. :)
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sure, go for it. thanks for asking. just remember to give me credit for what you use.
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Of course I will. Much appreciated thanks.
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I bored your piece for a conceptual poster.  Here's the link:…
Draox's avatar
Used here :… and thanks you very much
Wooden-Paws's avatar Sorry for not asking, aah DX I'm terrible sorry, man!
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Used it here> [link] :DD
nice love the color oh and tri out blue flames. but still i want to draw this out but it looks hard
Che-Gue-Petey's avatar
thank you. it is one of my favorite photos.
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great shot. There's a dancer in those flames, wearing a hat, bustier and waving her arms to (her) left with a hand in front of her face. :)
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:D oooh~! I see it, beautiful observation!(sp?)
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I loved this one! :D
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