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Rethinking nautilus-elementary

I'm an avid fan of the elementary project by DanRabbit and folks, and figured I might be able to give something back by sharing my ideas about how to keep developing the file management ideas started by ammonkey with nautilus-elementary.

The problems:
- A regular user usually wants to read or view files more often than he/she wishes to edit it.
- Gloobus is an elegant solution to this problem, but is currently unintegrated and hard to discover. (requires you to use keyboard etc.)
- Today, users are getting more and more used to the ways of the web, with singleclick being the natural way of moving around. Why should file browsing be different from web browsing?

My mockup:
On top, we have a blatantly copied mockup by DanRabbit of his Dash browser mockup. What happens here, is that the user single clicks the file and ends up on what I'd like to call the preview screen. The preview screen is simply an enhanced gloobus preview window embedded into nautilus. It is pretty similar to what we're used to, but with a few new buttons in the bottom right corner.

Fullscreen button works just like it does in Gloobus atm and will be on all preview screens. The rest of the buttons are context aware:

Upload button: Uploads the file to your preferred storage service. Could be anything from Megaupload to Dropbox to Ubuntu One. Right click gives a popup menu which allows you to choose a non-standard service.

Mail button: Similarly, the mail button allows you to send the file to a friend through Evolution, Empathy or similar. Rightclick chooses app to send with.

Edit button: Opens the document in your preferred text editor. As usual, right click lets you choose another app.

I hope this might atleast spawn some further ideas on how to integrate Gloobus Preview with nautilus :)

All credits go to DanRabbit btw, I'm not a brilliant mockupper, so I edited what he had made instead of rebuilding Rome.
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Thanks, everyone :) Always funny when people like what you do :)
Is there anyway to still move/copy/delete/rename or see the properties of a file. I'm super impressed with the easy access and it looks beautiful (really if it all flowed smoothly and quickly it would be visually stunning!) but it still needs to be manipulatable for it to replace nautilus or dolphin/konqueror
I like how Dolphin solves single click interface.. something like having a checkbox in the corner of every file for selecting multiple files.

Rightclick menu would still exist, ofcourse.
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Words alone cannot express how awesome this would be if someone could make it. Come on Devs get to work!
I really like the buttom idea, really nice. when it open like that, super nice detail.

Thanks for insperation
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