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Marlin: Pile o' files

..continuing the innovation that is Marlin file browser.

LP blueprint: [link]

Just ask if there's anything confusing.
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victorlapin's avatar
I usually make a visual clipboard in my apps too, it's very useful and convenient. But making it in a file browser is a great idea indeed. Faved it.
Guillaumeiii's avatar
This is what I've always dreamed for :). Awesome. Keep up the work, it's amazing.
dynamiicz's avatar
Is the elementary team actually working towards implementing this? If so, they need to do more of this. I love seeing new features!
spiceofdesign's avatar
I would reduce the radius of the box myself, but other than that it looks good!
Bohemenian's avatar
Great idea! Always very thrilling to see mock-ups and implementations of the elementary project - and this one didn't fail in that regard!
Btkostner's avatar
I like it, but I think that it should be minimized unless mouse over
Eurux's avatar
Otre otre bon idée :) :D
BassUltra's avatar
Genius. Maybe it should be a universal thing and not just limited to marlin?
This is very clever, and details like these will really separate Marlin from Nautalis or other FMs. I don't know if this would clog things up but would it make sense to add how large the files your are moving are, either as a group or individually. The size of all the files together on the clipboard would be handy. I know it might help me if when searching around for files to put on a flashdrive, or dropbox etc.
Bohemenian's avatar
+1 for total file size visible
I also wanted to add, that I think this is moving in the right direction in that it is taking what as always been a pretty ethereal process and making into a very tactile one. I really believe that touch screens and tablets and all that is direction technology is moving in. Shifting our UI metaphors into tactile ones like this will be much more comfortable than they are now and make Linux/Ubuntu/Elementary OS/whomever more desirable in this new market.

Thanks for the opportunity to rant.
tedil's avatar
Ah, a visible clipboard, good idea :)
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