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Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble
It’s Halloween, everyone’s entitled to one good scare!
F2U Candle Divider Ghosts F2U Candle Divider
Are you prepared to Trick Or Treat?
Maybe even knock someone's Pumpkin head right off!~
We know your in the mood to be Artsy so,
Come On & show us your Creativity!
Cemetery Cemetery Cemetery
For Halloween we challenge You to show us just what your made off!~
Submit your Scariest Artworks / Most aesthetic & creative spooky works yet!
As usual we'll be showing off our favorite deviants chosen by our Judges,
to decorate our Front Page!~
This Spooktober we'll also be featuring a few random contestants that participated in hopes of getting their pages more views & maybe do a few shout outs too~
Cute Bat |F2u| When do we start?
Submissions Open Today!
You have time to enter till Midnight on Halloween,
so get to carving those pumpkins!~
You can enter as many deviants as you like and for this challenge we'll even allow you to enter Finished Halloween YCHs & Commissions!~ [You must be the artist who drew them]
Now then..Pumpkin Don't let me keep you..
When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers,
‘tis near Halloween' ~OwO~
It has unfortunately come to my attention that this site is no longer as safe as I once thought for us Artists, in terms of safety against theft and app abuse by users, etc.
I am a member who only joined DeviantArt after the release of Eclipse,, I prefer not to assume how this app had been then, but from personal experience I found this place to be quite safe for Art posting &/or selling,, Recently however more & more cases of huge amounts of art theft has started popping up and as an Artist mainly using DA for my posts I am deeply concerned.
I ask now not as the leader of this group, but rather a fellow artist who knows the hard work & time required to create art that everyone will support & help watch out for one another.
What I mean is,, If any of you are aware of Art Thieves, Scammers, App Abusers (block-evaders for destructive purposes/bullies etc.), that you will help spread some words of warning to your fellow communities & members ♡ This post will be open for you to link & comment about any Warnings / Important notices in regards to these problems that we should be aware of!
Once your comment/linked post has been read and your warning deemed valid with proper proof we shall add it below to our list! Linking them in your Journals / even reposting will greatly help to keep our community of artists save from being further targeted, especially new members who can not yet see the warning signs of a possible scam.
Art Thieves (Active):
Fisnishan and their alts : Warning post here
PouncherTheNightLight : Warning post here
Potential Scammers (Active):
Wolear/Yaawween : Warning post here
MilkyRosePetals : Warning post here
Announcing Winners For..
Weekly Prompt Challenge
[7] 2-Color-Chars
Applaud , Pls Senpai
The Top Scoring Contestants with unbelievable skill & talent are..
, ,
These two amazing artists had a full on tie!
~ These were their stunning entries ~
-Pls note shading & minor detail colors weren't counted for this challenge-
[CLOSED] Adoptable Auction | Thalassia of Brinesea
Adopt Auction/Erias [CLOSED]
Top Scoring Overall Winners
2nd Place: MGimg & vertigoxxxx
Category Winners
Pls be aware that if the Category has no winner, it simply means no one scored above the required amount to be visible on this List, according to the votes by our Judges~
Creativity / Originality Category Winner: None
Looks ( ex. Dangerous / Sexy ) Category Winner: None
Aesthetic Category Winner: vertigoxxxx
Art Skills / Technique Category Winner: lBlacKiE-MaiDeNl & LiitAlles
All Time Favorite Category Winner: MGimg
- All Winning Artworks can be collectively viewed here: Tap Me! -
All Selected Judges for this Challenge are Anonymous~
!!! Please go show our Winners some Love & Support !!!
More Journal Entries

Welcome To ChatterBox Adopts!~

Welcome to a our lovely group...


:bulletpink:Submissions: This is where all the adopts come to chat, so of course any & all adopts are welcome!~ :star: We also accept Anything Art Related~ Pls be aware we only allow dollmaker & Gaia adopts if they're for trade / free!

Group Rules:

:bulletblue: Pls try to ensure the title of your submitted adopt / art deviants state whether they're OPEN / CLOSED!
We accept closed ones so don't worry!

:bulletblue: Remember to Add Credit when using bases!

:bulletblue: Feel free to Advertise in the Comment Section~

:bulletblue: NSFW/Gore adopts/YCH must have a Mature Filter if nessecary please..

If you spot any Theft, Scams, Harrasment, Tracing or Spam, please don't attack the user, but rather Report them!!! :megaphone:




Welcome to the ChatterBoxAdopts family!~ :squee: :heart:
You are Awesome Pawsome, so remember to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest~ DM me anytime if you wanna chat or have any complaints~



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