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Sailor Galactic

For :iconkousagi: , :iconnekorin-gatacat: , :iconelven-meito: and anyone else who is a Sailor Moon + Pokemon fan.

So I finally did what I never thought I'd actually do, and bought myself a DS Lite + Pokemon Platinum. Being a grizzled Gen 2 fan, I thought for sure I'd hate it and the new Pokemon. Well, long story short, I don't - and I love Team Galactic in particular. At first I thought they'd be a ripoff of the Anime's version of Team Rocket (goofy bad guys), but then they got really gritty really fast.

Of course, this had to happen.

I'll probably be putting a lot more Pokemon stuff up recently as I play through it. c:
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Dec 25, 2009, 7:21:10 AM
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Very Nice! I like the Team Galactic too :)
enekumiko's avatar
Oh, this is such a great picture! It made my day! The design is so cute, and the glameow and buneary add to the cuteness! I love this! Great job!
chatroomfreak's avatar
Aww, thankyou very much! Glad you like it!
enekumiko's avatar
You're welcome! Mhm, I just really like Team Galactic, and also Sailor Moon!
Rentoraa-the-Luxray's avatar
...I can not fav this enough!
It made me laugh, and the artwork itself looks good to boot.
chatroomfreak's avatar
x3 Aww, thanks a lot. When I saw how goofy Team Galactic was in general, I just couldn't get the thought out of my head.
Rentoraa-the-Luxray's avatar
Heh, they do look pretty silly in their Grunt uniforms, don't they? XD
CrazyRabidPony's avatar
My goodness! Yes! LOLZ!! Awesome!
Sake1987's avatar
Haven't played pokemon since Yellow but this is cute.
elven-meito's avatar
Aw, she is adorable! What a cool design. Those are some kickin' boots.
chatroomfreak's avatar
You mean Sailor Moon's boots?
Nekorin-Gatacat's avatar
Fun! I like Team Galactic too! (Then again, I like pretty much everything the games do...) I love how they're all criminal extremists who don't even know their masters plan. XD

This is a really cute idea!
chatroomfreak's avatar
I like the darker side of them, namely Cyrus and his twisted personality + state of mind.
Nekorin-Gatacat's avatar
I love how he's the first person in the games to abuse pokemon so explicitly. XD (ima bad person)
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