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Modern Moon Remake 1

I wanted to take a couple of the scenes in Sailor Moon that dated it as being from the early-mid 90s, and remake them like they might appear in a modern anime. This scene changes Ami's "Crystal Disk" to a "Crystal Drive".

Other things;
Other stuff: If you look behind the “subtitle” you can see that it’s the Crown Karaoke Parlour, like in PGSM.
I tried to generically mimic the style of modern popular series like K-ON!, Haruhi Suzumiya and (especially for Usagi here) Lucky Star. Her current expression doesn’t really reflect the style very well, though, so she looks odd standing next to Motoki.
Motoki’s hairstyle got a slight “bedhead” redo. His outfit also got updated to what would be a trendy, “nice-guy” outfit for a young Japanese college student today.
You probably can’t see, but Usagi’s brooch is based off the manga one.

You can see a comparison with the original screenshot here on Tumblr: [link]
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That was too funny though that scene!
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The Crystal Disk looks like a flash drive now!
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Love it. I'd love to see sailor moon redone in a modern style like this. But then I guess... how would Artemis fit into the computer monitor? lol.
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hilarious, true, and... just plain cool!
Demonic-Snowflake2's avatar
That's awesome! I look forward to seeing more! =D
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Please do some more. This is adorbz. <3
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I love your idea. And Usagi' s face.

If I could made sailormoon remake, it would be happen in 90's. I can' t imagine Sailormoon story without atmosphere of 90's. :heart:
But I still really love your idea. ^.^
MyArtIsMyBass's avatar
watashi-no-nindo's avatar
Waaa, how cute is this!
Linnzy's avatar
Brilliant! Hope you do more of this XD
her-only-rhyme's avatar
I actually really like this! :3 That style would work for Sailor Moon, too. o.o
rodentfanatic's avatar
That's such a clever idea!
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I love Usagi's expression here. It make her look adorable. And Motoki's outfit...I particularly like the bracelet and necklace he's wearing. Not sure why he would be wearing an apron if he's working in a Karaoke joint, though.
her-only-rhyme's avatar
I don't know why he wears one at an arcade, to be honest... XD
r05km's avatar
some of those places serve drinks. Esp at karaoke.
her-only-rhyme's avatar
Oh~! I didn't know that. :3 Thanks for sharing! :heart:
r05km's avatar
No prob. They do food too, believe it or not!
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Well, I like it anyway. :3
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