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Nisha from interviewed me about art and stuff recently... check it out! As a bonus I included my Pismo Beach painting walkthrough process:…

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 12.13.47 PM by chateaugrief


Chateau Grief 8 Thumbnails *OFFLINE*

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 2, 2018, 1:08 PM

I'm brainstorming around scene two of chapter 8 getting everything down from the script and thumbnails put on if you're ok for a few spoilery things, well, we're live. 

Thanks to everyone who came and watched/subbed!  We had a bunch of fun doing some comedy scenes with Kore and magic and Di and an origami kangaroo.  I even set up my camera upside down and backwards in this weird little scheme that let me show you what I was drawing, but my head is upside down.   I think it worked though.  Thanks again everyone!…

Chateau Grief 7 REDO *OFFLINE*

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 25, 2018, 7:02 PM

I think this will be the final one of these livestreams on CG7.  I've finished my lines, flats, grayscales, and renders and this is the last put it all together and call it good enough phase.  Come and hang out if you'd like!  AMA…

Edit - finished up the process of remembering and forgetting all the little details to paint in.  There's a bunch.  But it turned out great, and anyone who stopped by got to see the new Palace 3d set that I built over the last few days.  It'll come in handy for Chapter 8, so I new I had to do the redo but it was an intimidating project.  I'm really excited how well it turned out! Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

Chateau Grief 7 REDO *OFFLINE* flats n' grays

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 21, 2018, 4:15 PM

I've got the layouts and the sketches and the lines and the background renders and now it's time for all comic artist's favorite part...the flats.  (this is sarcasm)  Come hang out and see how I make them fast and easy.    Then i'm going to delve into dark magic with the grayscales.…

well at 2.5 hours I had finished the flats, recovered from a disaster, and then was about .6 done with the grays and voice is giving out. so I'll end it and finish up later.  Next up would be paints, but we'll see how livestreaming that goes, it's really fiddly detail work from here on out.  Interested?  

Redrawing CG7 *ENDED*

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 20, 2018, 2:59 PM

Going to try this again now that the pen is working.  Here's the link, come hang out if you want!…

So the grand mystery deepens about the tablet's not the pen, it's the tablet... for some reason the old tablet stopped accepting touches from the pen, and still accepted touches from your hand...  and now I'm going to haul it apart and see if I can do anything about it. Thank you everyone who stopped by to watch me drawing!  

Chateau Grief 7 REDO *ENDED*

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 17, 2018, 1:38 PM…
here's the link if you want to come hang out  At least I think it's the link.  I've never done this before.  - Jean

WOOT  I did it! my first livestream!  Got it up and running and everything. (I hope?) I had more tablet problems but I did a layout and clarity pass and some rendering, gonna take my pen apart now and try to fix it.  Why not, at this point it can't hurt. Wish me luck!  I do plan t livestream the sketching and lines on this too, when I get up and running again.  

Thank You thank you thank you!

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 29, 2017, 12:57 PM

Well hey look at this!  I can use the nice journal skins again because wonderful shrubsNbushes :iconshrubsnbushes: gave me a 1 month core membership!  Thank you so much!  I'm going to put this to use right away and get my gallery in order for the future!  and I'll run some polls too in January so people can vote on where to paint next.  You are the best, thank you so much! 

I'm biting the bullet and publishing Chateau Grief on both Webtoons and Tapastic!

In order to catch up, I'm planning on doing a comic per weekday for, , ever. (6months? 7months?)  I've changed a lot of old art and am updating fixing doing all kinds of great new stuff so if you haven't seen the old episodes recently, check it out! 

Patreon Update!

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 3, 2017, 12:35 PM

Patreon Update!

I've been super busy bee these last few days!  Here's what I've got on Patreon so far...more coming of course.  The big day is July 5, 2017, only two days to go!

  • Chateau Grief 116...soon to be 117 on Launch day! 
  • a comic video tutorial on grayscaling
  • a landscape video tutorial on gradients
  • a landscape video tutorial on flatting (of all things, but hey this is how I do it)
  • an infographic tutorial on the landscape flatting process (quick notes)
  • an infographic tutorial on changing your hotkeys around
  • an infographic tutorial on my custom Photoshop setup and why I use it.
  • my palettes for June 2017, full .psd with layers for easy use.  
  • the brushes I made in June 2017, both an .abr and alpha masked layers .psd, in case you want to make  your own. 
  • the special effects vector text I made for the comic in June, Pow!  Bang!  Crash! Slam!  so exciting...
  • a piece of fun music I made to play with my intro video. (I love music)

I'm setting up my next video tutorials which will be on bringing out the perception of depth for landscapes and on going from gray to color for the comic (super neat trick I've got on this one).  Also I should get together a pack of the brushes that I use most often so you can follow along with the tutorials if you want.  

And I also discovered something pretty cool about Patreon, they don't charge you until the first of the month, so that would mean August 1, 2017, which means that there is practically zero reason for you to not go sign up at the top tier and get all this stuff this month, because it's basically 30 days free!  You can unsubscribe or change your pledge at any time, so you can test me out and see if you like it!  (no I won't be hurt if you unsubscribe, go and sign up and try it out! Let me know what you think!)  

Chateau Grief will be going live on July 5, 2017!  I'll be hanging out all day, so much fun!  



Fri Nov 13, 2015, 1:31 PM

About Chateau Grief

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 16, 2015, 6:19 PM

When I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2008, I read an old book from the 1970's about the local legends of the region.  It was full of thrilling stuff about pirates and bandits, gold discovered in your backyard (it happens), lost wandering ghosts, storms and seas, and a thousand whispers of exquisite detail about the land, and the people who inhabit it.  I had arrived into paradise, fresh out of parched wanderings through the desert, and was overcome with expansive appreciation for the new climate, drowned in wonder for this land of the setting sun.  There's nothing like contrast to make a fresh start in life seem positively magical.

So I set out to create my own legend about a lonely, disillusioned old man who lives on an island, just out of sight in the mists, endlessly sifting through the off-balance minds of every stereotyped California looney he can find, looking for someone who could face him down.  Perhaps he's only searching for an intellectual challenge, but I suspect he's trying to justify his superior abilities, and understand why they mark him as destined for a particularly cruel and different world.  Enter the woman, an older goddess than the fledgeling Silicon Valley's vultures who spin finance into a silken capitalist empire.  She's as ancient a legend as any shrouded castle of an old-world fen, a carfax crossroads who resurrects the dormant shades of destiny that haunt the telepath.  She embodies the stability that will challenge him, but only he can impart to her cold calculations the grace and compassion of an understanding heart.

As you might expect, the marriage of world-class young minds and aristocratic fingers dripping with molten gold is sort of a theme in Silicon Valley.  It's a culture with deep roots in the atomic scare, with a ever-changing crop of vagabonds whose aspirations incline ideologically northwards and who take their aesthetic inspiration from Ikea's web store.  Free shipping, and you don't ever have to leave your office.  But children come, and children go, and in the hills surrounding the engineering plants, the farmers and iconoclasts have not forgotten that enemy titans lurk in the idyllic, verdant canyons, plotting alien schemes in incomprehensible speech.  It's a patchwork zeitgeist, and it drives the engine of the West.

In Dumas' spectacularly funny revenge-fest, The Count of Monte Cristo, the hero is imprisoned on Chateau d'If, which is where they send those inconvenient people who are innocent.   In Chateau Grief, criminal or not, everyone is guilty of something.  So give 'em grief.  They deserve it.  And who moreso than Vespasian Eugene Xander, the telepath who could change the world, and doesn't? 

Chateau Grief is my tribute to the San Francisco Bay Area's enchanting, unique culture.

--Jean Guillet