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Stone Wall


Well this is a great stone wall at an unnamed location in California. Stone walls all through California and no one knows who built them, yes sir. No one at all.

The EAST Bay Walls are the best example of this, 

but up here there’s a whole pack of walls in goldmine central where I live that the locals think were built by Chinese laborers who came for the gold rush in 1849. I don’t know about you, but if I came to dig for gold I wouldn’t be sidetracked surveying random straight line walls for miles across the California countryside. The interesting thing about all these walls that I’ve found is that they’re not very tall. Maybe a foot or two high? Not enough to keep an animal out. A very labor intensive boundary marker? The one exception I know of around here is the town of Ben-Hur, at the Quick Ranch where legit Chinese workers were hired to build the wall and did it, you know, normal height about 4’ and finished and everything. It encloses about three thousand acres and was built in 1862 by Morgan W. Quick whose grandson lives on the ranch today. Even have the receipts on this one, they got $1.75 in gold for every daily rod of fence put up. A rod is six feet, and a buck seventy five in gold is worth $200 today. Inflation amirite? They put up five miles of beautiful beautiful stone wall. And it’s all documented, unlike…well all the other walls around here.  Searching the National Park Service’s history section on Chinese Walls in the area brings up only the Quick Ranch. I think more answers might lie in studying  how California got its name  

But whose got time for maps? Comics! That’s what you need! Here’s one, just for you.

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Cool! They are a mystery!

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Dang, I thought this was a photo from the thumbnail! Awesome job!

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cool work on the water :D!

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very excellent job 3D Llama Badge

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Back in the day a $5 gold piece was good to buy alot, now not so much.

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well it's about half an ounce so....that's a thousand bucks? or was it a quarter ounce?

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Depends, it might be worth more as gold or coin. It depends on many things

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Lovely work on the water. Tough to get right. Even photographs of semi-clear water come off looking like jello

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Thank you! yeah clear water is fun

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