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SF Ferry Building


This is San Francisco’s clock tower on the Embarcadero Ferry Building.  It was opened in 1898.  Before the bridges were put in over the bay, everyone commuted to San Francisco via ferry, and you can still take the ferry to Oakland today.  The building went through a long restoration from being mutilated by 1970’s office building designers, and it’s only been open in the modern era since 2003, despite having survived all (1906, 1989) earthquakes known to San Francisco without damage, when the double decker highway on the other side of the street famously pancaked in 1989.  Now it hosts a whole bunch of delicious looking super expensive weird food.  (the website prominently features jars of bee pollen and rosemary raisin scones)    The clock tower itself is 245 feet tall, and you guessed it, was designed in my favorite Beaux Arts Style by Arthur Page Brown, who designed the Crocker Building  , and the Coit Tower , and the Durham-cathedral-style Trinity Episcopal Church , among other things.  As you can see, talented guy.  They demolished that Crocker Building in the sixties to put up some soulless square skyscraper, like total barbarians.  Arthur Page Brown died at age 37 of a ‘runaway horse and buggy accident’ in 1896 and he never got to see his Ferry Building completed.   Incidentally, Mr. Crocker also died of a ‘runaway horse and buggy accident.’  Henry Ford invented the self-propelled ethanol two-cylinder engine ’Ford Quadricycle’ that same year, 1896.   Look at that swanky dude with his smirk and bowler hat. 

You will never look that cool, Xander.  

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After the canned fish factory, the huge and tentacular creature is emerging from the cold waters ...
I love that 20's air that seems to have.
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I live very close to this... I love it! ✨
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This would make a great murder mystery setting or some dark plot related to the moonlight. It's beautiful.  
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Thank you!  I'll call the mystery book something like ...uh... uh... Chateau Grief... 
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C'est Magnifique! Le Chateau de Grief!
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your drawings should be in some game - i really think so o0....
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I've been thinking of doing a game for my next app...but I don't have any good ideas yet...but I'm thinking about it!
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no problem - i just share my thoughs ;3 !
Youre great drawer ^-^ v !
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Gosh, it's gorgeous
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Wow... Beautiful.
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Lovely atmospheric piece
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Awesome image! Really nice job with the dark cold night and the lovely warm lights! I love those buildings... it really is barbaric to destroy the past like that.
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It took me so long to find out the date of the demolition for the Crocker building!  I got the general sense that the city was embarrassed about the whole incident.  I only wish they would learn from their mistakes and keep the beautiful things of the past (the Ferry Building 2003 restoration gives me hope :))... also why not build more beautiful beaux arts and neoclassical buildings rather than ugly modernist internationalist ones while we're at it? 
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If all buildings were either Gothic or Art Nouveau inspired, I'd be a happy architect right now. As it is, I could be a half-way decent environment/prop modeler if I put my mind do it.
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Wow, I love how realistic it looks. Like, looking through the windows is like looking in an actual building. The reflection in the water's also really amazing. :)
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