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Point Lobos

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Big Sur.  Sur means South in Spanish, and it was named so vaguely because you didn’t want to go there, you might go in, and never come out.  Point Lobos is on the north end, just south of Carmel, and is sort of the gateway into this wild land. 

I knew I was getting around to this eventually: 

1. John Steinbeck, crusher of dreams, and novelist of renown, who has ears that are actually bigger than Grant’s.  

2. The Dark Watchers of Big Sur, or as the early Spaniards called them Los Vigilantes Oscuros, are small, fairy-like shadow creatures that lurk about at dusk, watching you, and who will flee very quickly if approached, literally vanishing before your eyes into the mist.  They’re vaguely human but wear black hats and black robes.  These are the mysterious inhabitants of Steinbeck’s Dark Mountains, the Santa Lucia Range that runs along Carmel Valley.  The Spanish thought they were all female and ran around taming griffins….  This is a 1500s novel, but there are older references to at least some part of the legend in the 1000 AD Song of Roland, and there’s at least some possible connection to the actual name California although that’s widely disputed and not likely to find a resolution unless more documents come to light.  In any case, the legends of dark watchers abounded in the early 1900s.  Steinbeck included them briefly in his short story ‘Flight’, which is also a great example of Steinbeck’s almost pathological desire to destroy everyone’s childhood with exquisitely vivid prose.…  

Certainly there have been many examples of people going for a walk in or around the area and getting an unaccountable feeling of terror, and fleeing back from whence they came.  Steinbeck’s son even wrote a book about these shadow creatures, and collaborated with an artist who illustrated it with beautiful paintings as he camped out in Big Sur, looking for the dark watchers.…

So if you’re walking in the mountains one evening, and you look up and see a silent figure silhouetted against the ridge, staring up at the sky, in a black cape and hat, it’s probably not Xander.  Too short.  Xander is, like, 6’4. He only looks like a shrimp compared to Grant.

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Ooooo, that water!!
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Lovely foam effects for the seawater.
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Brilliant work! 
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This is beautiful, you can really hear the waves crashing against the rocks. <3 
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Beautiful work!
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It's so beautiful...! The coloring is awesome!! Heart Animation 
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So nice! Love that sun, beautiful water, such lovely rocks! :D Great info as well :heart:
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Your ocean scenes are always astounding.  :)
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Dramatic, impressive - stunning.
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Thanks for the nice comment!
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Amazingly beautiful! Big Sur, Carmel, Monterrey--(Tortilla Flats :) ), Steinbeck country, Henry Miller country, my country! Although I am far away now and may never get back. Some of my happiest memories are of that region of the California coast. The quaint little shops and cafes of Carmel always come to mind--not to mention Clint's "Hog's Breath Inn"!
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Wonderful artwork! The play with colour and light is masterfully done, and I really like the composition in this piece.
I can just imagine wanderers being drawn towards this place's beauty and staring into the gorgeous sunset until their eyes play tricks on them and let them see moving figures of shadows when night falls...
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Thanks for the nice comment!

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so amazing! the light of the water is fantastic! (/^_^)/
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Thanks for the nice comment!

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Punta Lobos  ("Point Wolves") I've been there:iconflyingheartsplz:
Very beautiful artwork.
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ohhh that's a nice info! thanks <3
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Sorry, I didn't want to reply. I guess this is the deviantart mobile version bug, it always changes my comments's place.
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D: oh that was unspected, i think you have to keep an eye on that, it wants to come alive! XD
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Yes, sometimes I just can't help it:(
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