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Pacific Beach

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This is a view from Pacific Beach looking up at La Jolla in San Diego.  I didn’t know what La Jolla (unfortunately not pronounced joe-la) meant, but apparently there’s debate.  On the one hand it could be just an unnecessarily complicated spelling of the spanish ‘Joya’ or ‘jewel’…I missed that word somehow. Pawn shops only seem to advertise ‘compramos oro’.  To that end though, all the streets in Pacific beach are named after jewels: Agate, Turquoise, Sapphire, Tourmaline, Opal, Beryl, Chalcedony, Diamond, Emerald, Felspar, Garnet, Hornblend….which incidentally sounds a little bit uh, biblical…  

On the other hand, the local indians called the place ‘mat ku-laxuy’ which means ‘land of holes’ and the word ‘Jolla’ could just be a transcription of ‘laxuy’.  I dunno, I could see that.  Problem is there aren’t any noticeable ‘holes’ in the area.  

Most famous resident would probably be Dr. Seuss, Theodore Geisel, of whom UCSD put up the world’s ugliest library in La Jolla in his honor.    Yes I know it’s interesting architecture.  It’s just…ugly….why did it have to be so…brutalist?  It’s all grimy and unpainted ugly concrete.  It reminds me of a gulag.  Then again, it is a prestigious University of California, so perhaps the evocation of arbitrary politicized enslavement is appropriate.  But that is not all, next to this gulag library, connecting it to the rest of campus (almost, as you’ll see), is a giant slate tile footpath in the shape of an enormous python, running through a grove of fruit trees, with a big monument in the middle saying ‘Then wilt thou not be loth to leave this paradise, but shall possess a paradise within thee, happier far.’ which is a quote from Milton of what Satan says to Eve in the garden of Eden.  I can’t avoid the biblical in this place, can I?  The snake path though, while appearing to lead to the entrance of the library and therefore symbolically ‘knowledge’, does not actually lead to the library, but sticks you outside the library where you can’t get inside, you don’t even ‘gain the knowledge’ that the serpent ‘promised’. I’ll quote the latimes article: “[the snake] path culminates at a dismal concrete plateau that surrounds the library but affords no access.”  That is one depressingly biblical symbol to spend millions of dollars on.  How much does tuition cost again?  And you wonder why California has that certain reputation.  

Xander has finished redecorating.  He has regular streets, not snake streets that deceive you and lead nowhere instead of to the gulag library they put up to honor the rhyming guy who wrote happy kid’s books.  Any UCSD students out there, am I getting this right? 

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A very nice seascape!!!

I worked at ucla for several years, close to the administrators/cubicle-dwellers/bureaucrats,
and I can assure you the mindset is strange indeed, system-wide...
For years now,
there has been 1 FTE administrator for every single instructor/professor,
to give you an idea of where the money goes...that, and ~ 30 FTE diversity-administrators
on the staff of the vice-chancellor-of-diversity...on every UC campus... how progressive!!!!
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Untitled Drawing by clousk  
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:) very beautiful work!
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AnnaZLoveHobbyist General Artist
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Holy, exquisitely phenomenal! This Ethereal Pacific Beach is stunning and The Coastal Scenery looks incredible. The designs, ocean, tide, waves, water, curling wave, beach, sand, bubbles, ripples, surface, mountains, ledges cliffs, crevices, caves, cove, sky, clouds, clouds hues, sunset, rays, reflection, palm trees, ledge, brush, flowers, leaves, plant life, wind, houses, buildings, town, architecture, power lines, gleam, glow, shadows, transparency, flow, movement, effects, realisticness, perspective, atmosphere, hues, textures, composition, concept, uniqueness, style, colors, lighting, and other details are also outstanding. Amazingly Beautiful work! :iconfantasticplz:
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RyansCreationStationProfessional General Artist
Gorgeous! Your color choice is primeShocked 
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Puffolotti4ijiHobbyist Digital Artist
Stylized foam looks great. Overall the whole piece looks great.

Is this place facing south? Excuse me for the stupid question, but assuming is facing west, that sunset looks like a little like a dawn.
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encorenomoreHobbyist General Artist
how do you do it? awesome!
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Toxic-CherryBlossemHobbyist Digital Artist
I would love to see a tutorial on a background like this!
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chateaugriefProfessional Digital Artist
It's up on patreon, but members only. I do one for every landscape each week.  If you're interested though:…  I've got some free stuff on patreon too that you might like.
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Awesome... :D (Big Grin) 
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chateaugriefProfessional Digital Artist
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Oh my gosh, this is beautiful. :love: remake II
Why can't the beaches on the Northeast Coast look like this?
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chateaugriefProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you!  well the short answer is 'the jet stream + coriolus effect'... one can always hope for climate change...then again you guys have all the good pirate lore about 'schooners emerging from the fog'...
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chateaugriefProfessional Digital Artist
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charmedangel61Hobbyist Artist
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This is beautiful.....I wish I can stand on the beach like this....Tini Sea Star M E R M A I D Tini Bubbles 
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chateaugriefProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you!  
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joseyphippsStudent Digital Artist
The waves look so realistic, awesome job
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chateaugriefProfessional Digital Artist
thank you!
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