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Lower Yosemite Falls



This is Lower Yosemite Falls, the 320 foot tall final step that Yosemite Creek makes as it takes a 2,425 swan dive over the cliffs in Yosemite National Park.  Since it’s just a creek, the falls don’t run year round, but when it’s going in the winter and spring it’s truly spectacular. Mucho thanks to Pixabay where you can find free images for refs or your website or whatever, I loved this angle. 

We're going dark this week.  The history lesson is The Yosemite Horror, or,  ‘Don’t trust handymen at the hotels in Yosemite’  Because you might run into homosexual pedophile kidnappers or misogynist serial killers

But people disappear inside Yosemite park and sometimes, none of the usual suspects can be tagged as the cause. 45 people have vanished in Yosemite without a trace.…

despite having the worst web design I’ve literally ever seen, is always riveting and local ex cop David Paulides gives great interviews all over youtube about the weirdness in Yosemite. I recommend skipping the website and searching for his 411 missing project on youtube, it’s creepy as anything and some incredible stories.  

It's a bad day for sanity and reason on Eynhallow too. 

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