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Lockett Meadow


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Aspen trees in Lockett Meadow looking into the Inner Basin of the San Francisco Peaks.  

Aspens:  they’re rhizomes, meaning they grow via suckers, and so they’re all connected in these huge colonies of trees.  They only grow at high altitude, this stand covers an area that ranges from 8600 to 10500 feet above sea level.  At this elevation hiking is tough but there’s plenty of it if you have the lungs for it. Just be prepared for freak lightning storms out of a clear blue sky, which happen because of the high-speed winds and the flow dynamics around the mountain. Fortunately, all the water in the entire area is concentrated in this basin.  Stock up.  The next good springwater is many miles away.  And bring some binoculars to see all the animals who visit the stock tanks.  Elk, mountain lion, black bear, whitetail deer, rabbits, coyotes, and a whole host of other critters.  

Seriously, stock up on water or you may have to drink Flagstaff water:…

Or of you’re interested in Hank Lockett, archeologist, who came to Flagstaff in the 1880s, read about some expeditions:…

Or haunted houses:…

Or just read the comic.  

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Wow... great work!!