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I'm Thankful For...



The ocean.  All those beautiful shapes.  Wave equations intersecting and reintersecting and echoing.  Light scattering beneath the surface, each ray bent according to the index of refractivity, intersecting with particles and animals and sand.  The water color, a constant battle between the sky above and the world beneath.  Surface tension, long period swells, sea monsters.  Not red tides though.  Sometimes I walk out of the library after working on CG and I can smell it, 30 miles away, the sage plants by the seashore wafting their perfume inland at dusk, and the fog pouring over the gaps in the mountains.  Yeah.  I’m thankful for the ocean. 

Now I’ve got to spend the rest of the day cleaning up (and cooking, ay caramba) because I’m very excited to be having Thanksgiving with my family.  My best wishes to all of you: may you have a day of warmth and friendship and thankfulness with your friends and family.  Take some deep breaths and enjoy the beauty of nature too, while you’re at it.  :)

Xander doesn’t like turkey so he’s carving something else this year…  ouch. and there ends the warm fuzzies.  sorry guys.  

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