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Huntington Falls

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA.  An artificial waterfall that feeds one of the parks reservoirs.  It's 110 feet tall and was built in 1893.  Merry Christmas!  

And happy birthday to a certain someone who doesn't wish to be reminded of it.  
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Gorgeous image (and I adore your style!).  Unfortunately the Gestalt law of meaningfulness/familiarity is a bugger here for me.  I saw the thumbnail first, and I can't help but see a giant skull just to the left of the waterfall, which makes it really hard to see the scene.
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aw nuts, I can't see it!  Because this is definitely cool
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All of your pictures are just amazing! The lighting/colors are what really get me.
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Amazing work! So many deatails, shades, water reflection. I love the colors you used! Just wonderful! 
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Oh wow ! I'm glad I stayed around to checkout your gallery.
Some awesome stuff here.

Btw it look's almost like my backyard ( I'm living near Monmorency falls in Quebec )
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Thank you!  You must certainly have a beautiful backyard!  
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Well yes I kinda like it.

You can look it up on Google ;)

I'm sure you would make wonderful arts out of it.
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Sorry to blow up your notifs but I love your art! It's so beautiful!
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welcome and thanks for your nice comments!
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My pleasure ^-^
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I love the warm colors and the way you draw water is phenomenal! 
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Thanks for your comments and support!
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It's like an Elven place! Really cool stuff!
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like something out of tolkien
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could be....had not thought that but possible....
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oh, i'm not saying it is, just how it makes me feel.  There's a dreamy quality to the light, enchanted one might say.
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(0_o).....This is crazy. I mean crazy as in how detailed and almost real looking it is.
What did you do?? DEM' SKILLS!! Kudryavka Noumi (Spinning Eyes Again) [V4] 
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This one just warms my heart c; I will stare at it for around 20 min now.
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glad you enjoy it!
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