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Clear Lake


This is Clear Lake California, the largest natural freshwater lake in the state, although there is a dam on one end to regulate the water levels now. No need to campaign to keep Clear Lake blue, there’s a toxic algae doing that all on it’s own. Cyanobacteria is what you call ‘blue green algae’, which is completely natural to the lake, and they’re responsible for the clarity of the lake because they block the suns rays from hitting the bottom so no plants can grow. Without boat traffic to break up the water surface  , these algae bloom into hideous oil slicks and die off in a stinking mass, turning the area into a disease ridden natural disaster, with the breaking of surface tension they fall harmlessly back into the lake, and everything continues as normal. But because of all this weird algae, (and the usual california mercury problems) you shouldn’t eat the fish.   

Read a comic book instead of eating the fish, I always say.

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What is the technique in painting rocks under water (other than painting subtle reflections)?

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I'd say gradients are extremely important.  I think that's what sells the underwater look here, everything getting bluer as you get deeper and deeper into the water.  
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Ah, I see it. Thanks!

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I am shocked by this beauty
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The water is especially fantastic
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Thanks for the humor and the brilliant artwork!
Serene landscape with illustrious colors well-blended!  Fantastic choice to develop artistically!  I knew several folks who travelled up north to go to college!  This was the lake on their path!  Appreciate the fond connection to this rather agreeable episodic memory!  Quality art brings out the best in a man! Nod  Nod  Nod 
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I agree, Block-Buster... I'm finding beautiful Deviant photographs that are like snapshots of fond memories I have.  You're right - it does bring out the best in us!
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Amazing work! And this is extremely inspirational)
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Stunning and impressive!
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Its very impressived how you draw the water surface, awesome drawing.La la la la +fav 
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Beautiful! It's very realistic and well done. Great job!

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Simply pure and clear :happybounce: 
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Nice work. The water looks especially realistic.
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Beautiful color and texture in this painting, excellent work with water both transparency and reflection
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Thank you!  Something lacking unity in the color though, I don't know where to deepen the shadows, but that's my inclination.
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Black in the trees is maybe a little abrupt, color is bit too much darker than next darkest color or too purely black but I think color in water and sky are excellent.
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