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i'm pretty sure he's not entitled to those scrambled eggs.  

Characters: Xander, Grant, Kore, Di



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Aging telepath Evil Overlord Xander has traded his youthful dream of joining the US military and using his superpowers to benefit humanity for over-the-hill cynicism, self-imposed exile on his private zoo-for-crazy-people Eynhallow Island, and a serious case of May-December midlife crisis.  And technically it's only kidnapping if she tries to leave.  or the fun version

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A dress uniform is a good choice for the debate; it presents an image of strengh and authority. 
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a bit of an intimidating look for him
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The uniform is eye catching, but I think a tuxedo would have been good, too. 
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uniform now.  tuxedo later.  ;)
scorpionlover42's avatar
Good. A tux would be my first choice if I was meeting the diabolical prime minister. Heart 
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Grant's response to the quip about the Pentagon, very good. Actually, military regulations are fairly interesting from a fashion and historical perspective especially women's uniforms. A good search is to look up hair regulations in google from the branch you are looking at and then there are usually links to whatever other regulations you are looking for, that's how i found what i was looking for the last time. 
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I think his outfit change has become my new favorite scene
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:D poor grant is so fed up with all this 
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Very fancy impressive
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Change the conditions of the test
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I keep wanting to that a Heinlien quote?
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James T. Kirk Star Trek Wraith of Khan
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Oh yes! I got the sci-fi association right at least, how could I forget?  Such a classic! 
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Fancy uniform, gotta give him that.
And I doubt that Grant is old enough to have hacked at any "Krauts" ... heck, my grandfather was pressed into service as a young lad during that war, and he's something like 98! But then, of course it depends on what time this story is playing in.
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not even remotely, Grant's a vietnam vet.  Grant has distinct ideas about international geopolitics which may or may not align with anything he's actually experienced. my wwii era grandfather would have been about 98 by now, hats off to yours for surviving so long. oh story is set in 2010, but I'm probably getting my dates mixed up somewhere or other so wiggle room.  
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Yeah, my family is a tough one ^^ Grandpa always said he got conserved in the Siberian ice during his war captivity - maybe it was really a bit of "what doesn't kill you makes you harder", or maybe he just tries to find at least one good thing in those horrible years. But Grandma also still lives (at something like 93), and my other grandparents also lived up til around 90. So I guess my genes are promising for a long life, as long as I don't ruin my health myself (which is much too easy nowadays).
I am wondering how old Xander can get ^^ His abilities of shape-changing makes one question if his "old" self is real at all, or just a choice to appear more human. "At least he ages like us, and one day he'll die, like we all will ..."
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Those are some good genes! oh oops, captured by the soviets, not fun. but overcoming adversity! then happily ever after together, with children and grandchildren.  an epic story that resonates in everyone's hearts.  definitely what xander is angling for. something like that happily ever after. <3 
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