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have some orange juice

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Episode Recap:

Grant sees Kore lying asleep and helpless in bed and is transported by a wave of terror and pity.  Things have been getting too extreme for Grant, what with the kidnapping and stuff, and the responsibility for managing the island weighs on him.  The many referenced settlement judgement document is shown.  Xander sued some people whose names you may or may not recognize and got a default judgment when they failed to appear.  I clerked.  It was hilarious.  OK back to Grant, Grant is seeing visions of several events that have occurred recently, boat shipments of supplies, families, who’ve moved to the island, and Grant is reminiscing, somewhat maudlinly.  Xander who is psychic and sees all of this and is driven up the wall by it, tells Grant that he’s all wrong.  They argue briefly about Kore, who Xander is starting to have fairytale princess designs on.  He’s going to set up a situation where here curiosity makes the first move, then he’ll sweep in all prince charming.  Grant considers this so likely to not work out the way Xander thinks it will that all he says is ‘pish’.   Xander then hands Grant a babysitting job, keep an eye on Kore! Grant is fine with this.  Xander explains that he’s busy because he’s got some herd management arguments to make with the Secretary of State over Eynhallow’s primary meat crop, sheep.  He’s somewhat more knowledgeable about farming than  you might expect for an evil overlord, and also knows exactly how his conversation for more budget will go: not well.  Grant watches in quiet pity until his hand accidentally brushes Xander’s.  Then he’s all awake.


Aging telepath Evil Overlord Xander has traded his youthful dream of joining the US military and using his superpowers to benefit humanity for over-the-hill cynicism, self-imposed exile on his private zoo-for-crazy-people Eynhallow Island, and a serious case of May-December midlife crisis.  And technically it's only kidnapping if she tries to leave.

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How is Xander so rich? Inherit? Telepath tomfoolery? meat crop lol

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chateaugriefProfessional Digital Artist
he's not rich, just exceptionally talented. terraforming level talented.  
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Clerk'd ftw :)

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Ah, so that's his plan. I'm guessing things won't work out exactly how Xander expects, as things rarely do. 
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chateaugriefProfessional Digital Artist
the best laid plans of mice and men... & telepaths...despite him being able to stay ahead of the game.
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Luckily, there are comments to read. I was so confused but the plot seems interesting.

Anyway, these backgrounds, I cannot, it's beautiful~ 😯
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OblivexxStudent Traditional Artist
umm yay, correcting myself. an island that xander just captures random people, apparently one was a telepath. I  assume they (xander and blonde woman) know each others past, that we the viewer don't know about.
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chateaugriefProfessional Digital Artist
Technically, Xander should be vaguely acquainted with everyone on earth, but he doesn't particularly remember Kore, and can't explain why not. Later events in the story explain more. There are a few major plot twists surrounding this. She was not a telepath before. Xander is lonely, bored, and reckless so he changes her, and is bent on deliberately provoking a battle between them. Reverse psychology.
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That.  Is.  Awesome!!!!!!!
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