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And what has Xander been doing meanwhile?  Exercising a vehement and entirely G-rated ire in the service of the USG.  This is that annual phone call he's been dreading for the last 100 episodes.  And if any of his forces are caught or killed, for sure the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of his actions.   

Characters: Grant, Xander

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Aging telepath Evil Overlord Xander has traded his youthful dream of joining the US military and using his superpowers to benefit humanity for over-the-hill cynicism, self-imposed exile on his private zoo-for-crazy-people Eynhallow Island, and a serious case of May-December midlife crisis.  And technically it's only kidnapping if she tries to leave.


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BornOnTheNinth's avatar
Is he gonna get those sheep?
chateaugrief's avatar
not looking good at the moment
Corporal-Chaordic's avatar
I love the fact that Grant realizes just what he's in for and seems intent on riding it out.
chateaugrief's avatar
Grant is one tough cookie.  Also he's seen Xander on good days and bad for forty years, and this is definitely not one of Xander's bad days.  Not by Grant metrics, that is.  Bad days are a'coming. :)
CrimsonSunset218's avatar
*chuckles*  "Extort a decent cut of meat"?  XD  Awesome.
chateaugrief's avatar
never skimp on the important things in life, like food.  especially while the underling is trying to order more on the hoof. 
CrimsonSunset218's avatar
GameGoat96's avatar
yknow i think he's stressing himself a lot more by demanding sheep instead of just tweaking some of what he's got but who am I to question the telepath? Tenzin Shrug 
chateaugrief's avatar
Hey, Grant says basically the same thing. And Xander's like 'do you know how many base pairs there are in a single strand of DNA??!!!'...
GameGoat96's avatar
Kek, Grant needs to get him a DNA book for his birthday or something and tell him to get reading :V
InLoveWithSubaruS's avatar
LoL his vocabulary when it comes to insulting people around him seems not to lack a single word.

They still haven't got him those thousand sheep? Wonder why... :P

Tho I do wonder what is he going to do with them? Experiment until he finds the right formula and be left with 900 sheep to eventually either kill or let die on their own?

chateaugrief's avatar
The sheep are fresh breeding stock for his already sizable herd.  They're mainly used for food, wool, leather.  Their need for upkeep provides his work groups with the tasks they do like tanning, cereal cropping, repairing fences etc. In exchange, that's what his commissary will feed anyone who wants it (and works for it): mutton sandwiches.  And no one wants to send him more not only because of the expense, but because he could just tweak their genetics any way he wants with the ones he's already got. Those dirty weasels. :)
trekatu's avatar
a thousand sheep?
that's either a lot of wool sweaters, or a giant feast of lamb chops.
chateaugrief's avatar
mutton sandwiches.  mutton sandwiches for everyone.   Wool too. Leather.  Agriculture.  Construction.  He's using the sheep as the basis for his social safety net/work programs. 
trekatu's avatar
that actually seems pretty legit.
Kimiko140's avatar
...Talking about a Mercedez and then sheep... Is he mistaking horsepower for sheeppower?
chateaugrief's avatar
haha!  he's trying to go shopping, that's what.  Usually Grant calls in the requisitions.  I guess somewhere, someone wants to check that Xander is still actually alive.  
Kimiko140's avatar
Hah, Well, anything to keep him from leaving his mansion, or what? XD
chateaugrief's avatar
sometime in the future, I get to show what happened last time Xander was at large in Washington DC...  which was in 1977.  Xander is under a court settlement not to leave the island, in exchange, he doesn't have to do anything in particular for the Army, although they won't take him off of active duty, just in case.  
Kimiko140's avatar
Ermehgerd... I bet he misses freedom more than anything else.
HazelGatoya's avatar
He needs a thousand sheep! It's not hard to understand! :XD:
chateaugrief's avatar
Should be simple enough! 
Sharkeyes-Arts's avatar
Awesome! I love the characters!
chateaugrief's avatar
Thank you!  I have so much fun with these guys!
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