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That's exactly 2 years of comic strips.  Zap!  That's like 600 pages in page format.  (ouch!)

Oh and don't my landscape pictures look nice framed on Xander's walls? (also the previous 2 comics had the pics brazenly showcased) Lookin' so sharp in those gold frames with picture lights and stuff.  Now I want to do that for real.  

Characters: Xander, Kore, Grant, Phil the Gateguard

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Aging telepath Evil Overlord Xander has traded his youthful dream of joining the US military and using his superpowers to benefit humanity for over-the-hill cynicism, self-imposed exile on his private zoo-for-crazy-people Eynhallow Island, and a serious case of May-December midlife crisis.  And technically it's only kidnapping if she tries to leave.


And if you like what I do and want to help me keep doing it, you can donate to the glorious cause via PayPal to
Yes I'm trying to get a Patreon together with video tutorials and walkthroughs and behind-the-scenes cool stuff too.  Give me a week or two to get everything in order & iron out bugs. 

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Does Phil know how to do auto-repair? I mean, if a superior officer ordered me to I'd at least try ...
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Phil the gate guard is quite challenged, but one of my fav characters. 
MILKthyMELLOcow's avatar
Thoose immence amount of freckles....Love it x'D
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thanks for the comment and support!
MILKthyMELLOcow's avatar
No problem I can comment, i could comment more then you'd like me too x'D I admit I came for the freckles and i am glad >w>''
chateaugrief's avatar
Those freckles stand out don't they?  Here's to all the freckly kids who grow up to become telepath Evil Overlords... :cheers: 
MILKthyMELLOcow's avatar
I know i was midway giving you llama then DUNDUNNNDUNNNN....wait freckles...then i just went
Wait thats a thing !!? :iconohmygawdplz:
CrimsonSunset218's avatar
HOOOOOOOLY SHIT!!!  IS GRANT REALLY THAT TALL?!  OMG!!!  You'll get a crick in your neck just trying to look him in the eye when shaking his hand!!!!
chateaugrief's avatar
Grant is 7'2".  So Xander isn't actually as wimpy as he looks.
CrimsonSunset218's avatar
*gape*  Xander is a badass!!!!!  Holy shit...
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TimNykyri's avatar
A well-designed characters in interesting backstage. For all this created an exciting atmosphere.
chateaugrief's avatar
Thank you!  I've got to work on my external render though...I think I'm doing better on the inside rooms.
TimNykyri's avatar
Feeling a strong indoor shots. Something mystical what I like.
Kimiko140's avatar
Guns'll get you anywhere. XD Just threaten someone else driving a working car.
chateaugrief's avatar
See, perfectly simple!  Fix the car or else.  Cars always work that way, right?
Kimiko140's avatar
Yes, and if they know nothing about how to fix a car, shoot that person and threaten someone else. XD
scorpionlover42's avatar
How about you fix it while I clean my gun? Who could argue with that logic? Especially when you're not the one holding the gun.Wink/Razz 
chateaugrief's avatar
Grant should have some perks here!  He's the general, after all. 
4eyes0soul's avatar
I wouldn't ask Xander for help with the car either. He'd probably do something to it as a joke.
chateaugrief's avatar
eternally hilarious  mhmhmm
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