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CUPCAKES! I will make a cupcake tutorial as well as a candy apple tutorial and post them today ^_^

Let It Snow Ornament by chat-noir

Artists that need more LOVE on DA:

:icondenghong:- check out their gallery. It's beautiful

:icontristesse-d-aout:-Their Gallery is just... AWESOME! Go look!

:iconhanmei:-Such a cute gallery
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GAH! I love your works! it's all so cute! Can you make a....hmm....chocolate-chip cookie tutorial? Or a cookie one in general? I've always wondered the best way to make them,,,
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I am so glad you like it. Well, since I just started my spring semester, I don't think I'll have enough time to make a tutorial right now. But I will run another tutorial poll very soon. You can make some suggestions for the poll here: [link]
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Totally understandable. I'll definitely make some suggestions! XD Good luck.
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It would be awesome if you could make a cake tutorial, or maybe a tutorial about the basics. I think all of your tutorials are great.

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I am so glad you enjoy my tutorials. ^_^ Actually for a cake tutorial you can check out *HanaClayWorks She has a lovely oreo cake tute in her gallery.
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can you please make a cake tutorial?
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I saw the tutorials :) I'll definately give them a shot sometime.
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Awesome. I hope you enjoy them ^_^
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