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:bulletred: What is polymer clay?
-Polymer clay is actually not clay at all. It is a form of plastic. The only reason it is called "clay" is because of it's clay like properties. It is a mold-able substance that can be cured in a normal oven (or toaster oven) and will remain strong after baking.

:bulletred: Where can I buy Polymer clay?
-You can buy Polymer clay at craft stores like Michaels, AC Moore, Jo Ann Fabrics, or even online. Places like eBay and etsy sell polymer clay as well as formal sculpey and fimo websites. Sometimes even Target carries small amount of polymer clay. Or from or They carry Kato brand polymer clay.

:bulletred: What are the different brands of polymer clay?
-There are a few brands:
:bulletpurple: Sculpey
:bulletpurple: Fimo
:bulletpurple: Premo
:bulletpurple: Kato
:bulletpurple: Cernit
- To read about the difference between brands check my article here:…

:bulletred: How do you bake polymer clay?
-All clays have a slightly different recommended oven temperatures that they are baked at. So, READ THE WRAPPER CAREFULLY! You don't want to burn your clay. Extremely burn clay is TOXIC. I use Sculpey III which recommends being baked at 275 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes.

:bulletred: If I bake the clay that is colored will it stay that color? or will it change?
-Most clays colors will stay the same after baking. Clay colors only change when translucent is added to it. Or, if it is burnt in the cooking process.

:bulletred: Where can I buy liquid clay?
- Sculpey Brand liquid clay is available at Michael's and AC Moore.
:bulletpurple: Other than that you can buy Kato and Fimo brand liquid clays on-line. There is a Big difference between the brands, To see that difference visit my other polymer clay article here:…

:bulletred: What kind of glaze do you use?
-First of all I must clarify that the term "GLAZE" I am using is not the same glaze that is put on ceramic items and then fired. This is a clear protective coating (much like gloss artist medium) that will protect your charm or item. I use a variety of glazes. You can buy a small bottle of sculpey glaze at the craft store which I use sometimes but it is very over priced. A small can of acrylic based floor varnish is what I use most of the time. It is much cheaper and there is enough to glaze your charms for years. OR I just bought a glaze called Triple Thick (from the painting section of the craft store) it is a lot like sculpey III glaze but you get a lot more for your  money. ^_^

:bulletred:How can I make my pieces more Translucent?
-Most Translucent clays need to be baked at a lower temperature in the oven. For Sculpey clays (That are normally baked at 275 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes)  I bake at 250 degrees F for 15 minutes. Then once your piece is done place it into a cup of ice water. This seems to help items become more translucent.
-OR to make liquid translucent clay more translucent you can mix it with clay softener (also called clay diluent). This will cause it to be more rubbery but it will be much clearer in comparison.

:bulletred:Is it okay to rebake the clay stick in your Candy Apple and Lolli Pop Tutorials?
-Yup it's entirely safe to re-bake clay. (although within reason. You can't bake something 100 times). Some even say re-baking makes the clay stronger. You can check out for more information. That site has everything you need to know about clay.

:bulletred:My clay is really soft I am having trouble making ____
-To fix this you can try a few things:
:bulletpurple:You can turn on an air conditioner
:bulletpurple:Or even have so cold ice water on hand to help you. You can give the items a little dunk and the cold water will cause them to stiffen up a bit.
:bulletpurple:For some items like the lolli pop, if the clay is warm it is difficult for it to retain it's shape when the stick is inserted. You can take your lolli pop tops (the swirly part) and other items and pop them in the freezer for a few minutes. This will cool them down and make them easier to manage. (I use this one a lot especially during summer) :nod:

:bulletred:My clay is really hard I am having trouble making ____
-To fix this you can try a few things:
:bulletpurple:You can add some clay softener that is made by almost all brands, or you can add a few drops of vegetable oil to your clay
:bulletpurple:You can buy an extra little block of plasticizer (the stuff that makes the clay pliable) and hand blend it into the clay or blend in some translucent clay. This will  also make it softer and add more plasticizer.
:bulletpurple: Or, rather than use your hands, you can try a pasta machine to help you condition hard clays.

:bulletred:What types of glue do you use?
-I use a variety of glues.
:bulletpurple: a 2 part epoxy resin
:bulletpurple: E6000
:bulletpurple:and even TLS (translucent liquid scupley) can be used as a glue for clay to clay adhesion. (but you have to rebake it)

:bulletred: Where do you buy your fabrics?
-I buy most of my fabrics from It is a brick and mortar store here in New Jersey but they sell their fabrics on-line on eBay and their website.

:bulletred: Can I commission a bag from you?
-Yes you can I have a few example bags and prices below (none ofthese prices include shipping)
:bulletpurple: Just a lined zipper pouch w/zipper closure $8.00
- or make it a clutch with a matching, detachable, swivel handle for $9.00
:bulletpurple: A purse like… with a matching pouch and 3 pockets runs around $35.00 - $40.00
:bulletpurple: A bag similar to… with one pocket, and image transfer and matching pouch runs from $55.00 - $60.00
:bulletpurple: A bag similar to this:… with three pockets runs from $60.00 - $70.00

:bulletred:Will you be making any sewing tutorials for your bags?
-No, at this time I am way too busy with school and classes to make any elaborate sewing tutorials. Polymer clay ones take up much less time.

:bulletred:What else do you make?
:bulletpurple: Headbands
:bulletpurple: Burp Cloths
:bulletpurple: Messenger Bags
:bulletpurple: Pillows
:bulletpurple: and more

:bulletred: Do you sell your items? Where?
      -Yes I do sell my items both in my etsy shop and here on DA.

:bulletred: How do I buy/order something? - Once you know what item you would like send me a NOTE :postit: here on DA or you can shop and buy items through etsy shop found here:

:bulletred: What forms of payment do you accept?
      - I accept:
           :bulletpurple: Paypal
           :bulletpurple: Check or Money Order  
:bulletred: Do you charge shipping?
      -Yes I do charge shipping. FOR THE US I ship:
:bulletpurple:Media mail ($2.50 and arrives in 2-9 days)
:bulletpurple:Priority mail ($5.70 and 2-3 days)

:bulletred: Do you ship outside the US?
       -Yes I do.  I will still ship to any location I just need to calculate shipping to your area.

:bulletred:How do you ship your items?
-I ship my jewelry and charms very safely. First, I put smaller items like stud earrings in a tiny ziploc baggie. Then I place that into a white jewelry box to which I add a little drawing made by me to be shipped along with it. Lastly, I place all of that inside a little bubble mailer.
-For bags I construct a cardboard box and stuff the bag with paper to keep it from getting crushed or wrinkled. Then I wrap the box in brown paper and mail it out.

:bulletred: Do you take custom orders/commissions for polymer clay items? And what do you charge?
       -Yes I take custom orders and the price is decided on the difficulty of the item. For example a set of Banana Sundae earrings would cost more than a set of cupcake studs. This is because there is much more detail and it is difficult to make things like that so small.
:bulletpurple:- Custom charms ($6-for one / $10-for 2 / $15-for 3 / $24-for 5)
:bulletpurple:- Custom Jewelry ($7-10 for studs / $6-12 for French hooks w/clear backs)
To order a custom item please send me a NOTE :postit: but please only do so if you are serious about your order.

:bulletred: Do you take commissions?
-Yes I do. Just send me a NOTE :postit: and we can discuss the price and object.

:bulletred: Do you make Tutorials?
      - YES I do. ^_^

Other Tutorials:
:bulletpurple: Bowl:…
:bulletpurple: Candy Apple:…
:bulletpurple: Cupcake:…
:bulletpurple: Lolli Pop:…
:bulletpurple: Bowl of ice cream:…
:bulletpurple: Plate:…
:bulletpurple: Breakfast:…
:bulletpurple: Sushi Cane:…
:bulletpurple: Jelly Donut:…
:bulletpurple: Chocolate:…
:bulletpurple: Pancake and Syrup:…

:bulletred: Do you take requests for Tutorials?
     -No, not requests but I do take polls in my journal entries and which ever one receives the most votes is made. I will NOT make tutorials for the following:
:bulletpurple: Caramel Apple Charm
:bulletpurple: Digital Camera
:bulletpurple: Pirate Coins
It's not that I don't want you to learn how to make them (most of you can pretty much guess how ^^;) They are just really labor intensive and I can't imagine making a step by step process for those items.

:bulletred: Can I make items from your tutorials and sell them? Will that be copyright infringement?
      - I figure if I make a tutorial of it someone will make the item in question and sell it no matter what I say. So yes it is 100% okay to sell items made from my tutorials. Copyright infringement only comes into play if you steal the pictures from my tutorial or the whole tutorial itself and claim you made it or it is yours. Making an item from a tutorial and claiming it as your own is NOT copyright infringement. Though a person can copyright specific designs so be careful about replicating certain items.

-I do ask that if you make something with my tutorials and post it on DA please link back to the tutorial so other people can learn to make it too.

:bulletred: Is it true that your Kiriban winner receives free jewelry?
     - Yes the winner of my kiriban is given the choice of
:bulletpurple: A set if earrings or a necklace
:bulletpurple: OR Something from my DA gallery
:bulletpurple: OR something from my etsy shop

:bulletred: Where do you buy your supplies?
I buy my supplies from local art and craft stores like AC Moore Michael's and J and O fabrics and the link below
:bulletpurple: Firemountiangems


Please if you have any questions send me a NOTE :postit: and I will add them to this FAQ. Still need more info? Then check out:

- The wonderful FAQ of HanaClayWorks…
for a great comprehensive polymer clay super FAQ

- My DA Polymer clay articles:………
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Another question:

What kind of resin do you think works best/what brands are there? I have some ideas on using it but I don't even know where to start looking for it. (I think it's hiding from me. XD)