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Sushi Cane Tutorial


I'd like to have a link to all the places where this tutorial may be featured. So please just shoot me an e-mail at or a NOTE here on deviantart before doing so. Thank you very much.

This took F-O-R-E-V-E-R !
Photoshop kept dying on me. So I am going to try and do the breakfast one tomorrow. I think I am done with photoshop for today. I didn't think this would take so much time and be so huge.

:sushi:So here is my sushi cane tutorial. I was really looking forward to making this one. ^_^ :sushi:

Enjoy. If you make something with this please link back here so more people can learn how.

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I do not suggest or recommend making polymer clay plugs for your ears. Polymer clay is not "clay" but a form or porous plastic. Meaning, your ears might grow into them! There haven't not been many cases but don't risk your ears!
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I love your tutorials :happybounce: Hug Hug Hug 
Madness-Made-Fresh's avatar
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I also just made a small sushi plate about the size of an american quarter! [link] Thank you SO much for this tutorial!!
DatCrazyCatCritic's avatar
You helped me make these little guys [link]
chat-noir's avatar

^^; (Sorry for the super late reply)
DatCrazyCatCritic's avatar
It's cool People are busy :3
thedorris's avatar
Hello :) You inspired me to make my very first cane :3 [link]
chat-noir's avatar
Hooray! It's your first but I bet it won't be your last. Canes are addicting.

^^; (Sorry for the super late reply)
thedorris's avatar
They are! And they aren't nearly as hard as they look
berryflan's avatar
these are adorable! a great tutorial :D i'll have to try it out soon! <3
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Hello! You have been added to the first part of the Artisan Crafts ABC, as one extraordinary example of all the wonderful artisan crafts there is :) This article is part of the Artisan Crafts week at #projecteducate, please don't forget to check out the activities and the contest we have planned for this event! Have a nice week!
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This is so cool~ Perhaps we'll try it some day~ ((if we ever get some polymer clay >w>;; <w<;; )) If we do, we'll definitely send back a link~

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Youre awesome....just plain f**kin awesome
chat-noir's avatar
Daw, Thanks :party: I'm glad you like the tutorial.
misunderheard's avatar
Its purdy genius :D
CutieKitty11's avatar
Omgosh this is an amazing tutorial!!!!! I Love This!!!!!!!!!! :3
chat-noir's avatar
Thank you very much. I hope you're able to use it.
CutieKitty11's avatar
You're welcome, I actually did use it I just haven't posted the pictures yet. Oh, thank you for the Llama! :happy:
mouchard101's avatar
i find that it looks more realistic if you put the slightest bit of green into the black
chat-noir's avatar
:nod: that is a good idea. :sushi:
DarkroseConnery99's avatar
I don't say this to many people, but, I love you.
chat-noir's avatar
Daw! Thank you. I feel loved :hug: :sushi:
DarkroseConnery99's avatar
I like all of your charm tutorials. They look delicious even though I know they're all polymer clay. :cake: :sushi: :donut: :sunnysideup: You should try to make a root beer float charm.
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