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Polymerclay Plate Tutorial


I'd like to have a link to all the places where this tutorial may be featured. So please just shoot me an e-mail at or a NOTE here on deviantart before doing so. Thank you very much.

Here is my latest tutorial. Have fun making polymer clay plates. ^_^

Other Tutorials:
:bulletpurple: Bowl: [link]
:bulletpurple: Candy Apple:[link]
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To learn more about polymer clay and how I make my items check my FAQ [link]
Or my Polymer Clay News Articles [link] [link] [link]
Check out my gallery for more yummy polymer clay treats:[link]
Or my shop:[link]

The awesome ~ashkeeatsshemai says
"I remember seeing those sauceplates used in Japanese restaurants that look exactly like those plates. You can find them in almost any Japanese cooking utensils store."

OR the lovely *HanaClayWorks has a wonderful tutorial on plates using a metal washer. Check it out!

So if you are looking for tiny plates to use as molds try looking for those ^_^
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This is great! I always use cornstarch instead of water.
chat-noir's avatar
Thank you! Cornstarch works well too :nod:
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So basically you need a plate to make a plate XD HAHA.

The little white plates are adorable ;_; did you make them also, or did you buy them?
wolfatmyheart's avatar
Go on and look up "gardenofimagination how to make a plate" Angela is brilliant!
wont the plate like burn
colorcrystal's avatar
no it won't since it's ceramic and not plastic.
Alkhymeia's avatar
Ciao Chat-noir I love your creations and I've posted your tuto on my little forum, but not all the tuto, only one image and the link on your page; you can find your work here:

I hope that's ok for you, when you have some problems, I can delete all links, thank you for your time :)
sleeping-banana's avatar
aw,great tutorials!
i've read them all.
but it's hard to find polymer clay here in dubai,i'll have to wait till i get to lebanon,do they sell them in Borders?
chat-noir's avatar
I am so glad you like my tutorials this link should be able to help you: [link]
sleeping-banana's avatar
oh,thank you loads!
CraftyForeverDesigns's avatar
Thanks alot for the tutorial. Where can you buy colored clay? Everytime I see colored clay it is usually air dry clay or it never dries out.
chat-noir's avatar
Michaels and AC Moore sell different colors of polymer clay. You can also buy it on-line on eBay or Etsy. There are a ton of on-line stores too. If you can only find white polymer clay you can color it using ground up chalk pastels. You can visit my polymer clay article:[link] to find out more. :aww:
CraftyForeverDesigns's avatar
Thanks alot! Also thanks alot for those awesome tutorials. I really want to try and make a bowl of ice cream. Keep making good charms!!!!
coooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllll man this rocks
chat-noir's avatar
Thank you very much. I'm glad you like it. ^_^
animarty's avatar
i know... u can also use those little plastic bowls for puting soy sauce in! I luv the ice cream, makes me wanna eat some!
chat-noir's avatar
Thank you very much for the idea. ^_^
I'm glad you like my little items.
animarty's avatar
i would probably use these great tutorials...the problem is, im not the kind of person to go out and buy art supplies!
MekaStar's avatar
you are awsome XDD!!
chat-noir's avatar
Awe, thank you.
philho's avatar
Interesting, I see you also make a good use of these, with your nice clay foods.
I wonder how polymerclay is called in French.
chat-noir's avatar
I'm not sure. I took French for 4 years and the topic never came up. That's a really odd question. I never thought of it before. ^_^
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