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Breakfast Plate Tutorial


I'd like to have a link to all the places where this tutorial may be featured. So please just shoot me an e-mail at or a NOTE here on deviantart before doing so. Thank you very much.

Finally, it's done.

:sunnysideup:Here is the breakfast tute:sunnysideup:

Now there is just lunch left.
Photoshop is being such a brat today. I need to clean up my computer.

Enjoy. If you make something with this please link back here so more people can learn how.

MY FAQ: [link]

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i shall make 1
chat-noir's avatar
Awesome. I hope it turns out well :aww:
LunarFlame12's avatar
Your tutorials are so cool! Now I want to get some clay and make a bunch of stuff. :meow:
In the last frame, is that a real ice cube under the plate? It's so perfect!
chat-noir's avatar
Thank you very much :aww: You should! Working with clay is so fun!

In the photo it's actually a little cube of glass. They sell them as vase fillers at craft shops.:nod:
LunarFlame12's avatar
You're welcome! :)

Wow, that's cool! It reminds me of a little fake ice cube that my friend gave me, that you can refreeze and actually use like an ice cube.
parachute-tonight's avatar
Yummy! :drool: I'm really hyped up about artisan crafts now, after seeing lovely art and tutorials and I can't wait to start trying things out. Do you have any idea what I should start out with in regards to polymer clay?
chat-noir's avatar
:aww: Thank you very much.
There isn't any one place to start, just get some materials and try to make anything that interests you.

I started out making cupcakes because I love cupcakes (all my perfumes are cupcake scented.) Pick something you enjoy and give it a try! :nod:
parachute-tonight's avatar
:eager: Alright! Thank you so much for the help and tutorials. :hug:
ztinizz's avatar
I've made these twice :D
CutiePah-Tootie's avatar
How long do you bake it and at what degree?? :< This is a great tutorial and i made the plate and everything i just needa back eht
mackieG13's avatar
It depends on the clay. It's usually at 400 for 5 minutes/1mm.
girlonwantedposters's avatar
the sausage would also be good to use with creating chocolate, just use some translucent and glaze. haha it sort of looks like llittle logs of poo due to the texturing. sorry if thats offencive i dont mean to be.
100437's avatar
wow thats small!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kyra10987's avatar
Made this ^^
Added toast though :D
LunaDarkridge11's avatar
sausage looks like poo LOL
Becky-Is-A-Cookie's avatar
...I... can't eat it?...
lol jkjk i love your tutes :3
BooBooKittyPurr's avatar
Hello!! I used that tutorial, here's the link! [link] Thanks!
xSunThroughCloudsx's avatar
I made a breakfast plate :)Fantastic tute!
And I have the same problem with cat hair. I have one cat but he thinks it's fun to lie on my clay **sigh** Anywayzz, I luv ur tutorials!!!!!
shinshu-inu's avatar
do you score and add water to clay pieces when you add them on?
StrawberrieShortCake's avatar
I made one from this tute btw, great tute:)
bunnykissfrenchtoast's avatar
u r amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!
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