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Funky Nails

It is a trend in Japan that the girls all have rather long, elegant nails and many of them are decorated with special paint work, gems and 3D designs. This is even more so in Elegant Gothic Lolita style clothing and Cosplay costumes. I've always loved the designs and images that have often accompanied the lolita images in the mags I collect but have never had much ability to do them. In Japan, you can purchase sets of very over the top nails in a 'press on' form, thus making things much easier.

But recently. I came across a Korean makeup store in the Sydney CBD that sells amazing kits that, essentially, allow you to add multi colored stencils onto your nails...and the design are amazing!

The two sets of nails photographed here are my real nails, painted by myself. The top set were done to go with my Princess Ai costume and were inspired by images in the manga. The bottom set were my first attempt with my new stencil kit. Both only use basic stencils but I have some larger, more extensive ones now that I will have to photograph soon.

Pink Nails - Pink base with white stars and red hearts stenciled onto the tips. Small red crystals and hearts added along with a single large, pink crystal heart and a white 3D rose on each nail.

Blue Nails - Aqua base color layered with white and dark blue star stencils in different designs. Tips diagonally tipped in dark blue and then stenciled with white hearts. (they seemed to pick up some of the darker blue color underneath) An assortment of clear crystals, puffy sakura blossoms and 3D roses were added to each nail at random.
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I wanna can do that kind of nails!
this just looks amazing!
can you even touch things with those nails??
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Thank you. They're not difficult to wear, the only thing is not catching them on stockings. :)
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Cool.! But i'm sure i'd ruin them in a minute.! I'd loove to wear them once though ^^
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You are damn right they're funky nails!! They look awesome!
(pouts) now I want to go sydney and check out that store, Lol
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Thanks! I think you can sometimes find Konad products on ebay. :)
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Awesome! I've never ordered anything on ebay, so I don't know if it's good or not, especially since I live overseas. Is ebay an american based website??
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Ebay is originally American but there are Australian, Uk and other branches for different local areas. Makes it very easy to buy things. :)
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Yay! Now if only I had a credit card... lmao :D
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Ooooh!! Pretty nails!!
Betcha they get caught on EVERYTHING XP
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Thank you very much! They did get hung up a bit but they were still fun. Just had to watch nylons, soft fabrics etc.
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these are so amazingly cute! :heart:
I want to try this so bad, you did a really great job :D
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Thank you very much! :)
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My dad went to japan and brought back stick on flowers and hearts for me and my sister! Is that what the stars and all are? Lovely!!!
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The gems and flowers are all stick on but the hearts and stars are actually printed on in nail polish using a special kit I have. :)

Thank you!!
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Cool!!! Welcome!!!
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