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Tutorial: Cosplay Makeup

By ChasseNeige
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Sorry it's so long and there's so much writing or if it's a little confusing XD I pretty much put everything I can think of on here~

I thought it'd be better than submitting a dozen of seperate ones >33<

If you have any questions I'll try my best to answer them~

And please, no comments on how I'm doing something "wrong" or something I said is "not the right way" =p I'm not professional in any way, and just thought this might help out fellow cosplayers or anyone who find this interesting enough to check out ^^

Everything's from personal experience =D

Thanks, and hope you like it~!! ;D :heart:

ps: this was very fun to do, so I'll try to take pictures next time when I cosplay so you guys can see it in different steps/stages instead of all on one page/picture ^33^
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I know you had a light/white hair one, but do you have any tips for how to do APH Prussia? It's just a bit confusing I guess. And do you know any good brands for someone with achene?
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Thank you!  Now I know what I need to complete my Canada cosplay~
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i have black eyebrows, and im going to cosplay as luna lovegood, who has white blond hair! do you have any tips on making my eyebrows look lighter, without gluing them?
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I remember seeing this tutorial, losing it, and then being ecstatic when I found it again. I just rediscovered it and I will not make the mistake of losing it again! XD

I really love this tutorial, it makes makeup seem slightly less scary ^_^
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your Canada cosplay is so CUTE!!! this will be very helpful for me, since im going to my first con this summer!!
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What about a Danmark (From Hetalia) Cosplay?
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This is pretty awesome. Thank for share >3<
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FINALLY a good makeup tutorial! I'm doing a Prussia cosplay tomorrow and this is really gonna help me! Thanks, you rock! (Btw your Canada cosplay is ADORABLEE)
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Glad you like this tutorial! ;D (Aww, thanks~!! ^33^)
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Great tutorial, by the way, I've been needing something to help me with my cosplays!
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Thank you~!! >//33//< I'm very glad this helped : D
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This is really helpful! THank you so much for posting this!
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I'm very glad to hear that~ ;D np at all ^^
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Wow, your makeup is flawless! QUESTION! I have many freckles (mostly on my nose and cheeks), so is there anything special i need to do to cover them completely?
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Don't try to cover freckles! I think they're cute!
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I'm so sorry for the late reply XD School pretty much ate me.

Hmm, I'm pretty sure a good concealer would work : ) After concealer, you can use foundation, and then dust over some powder to set the makeup.
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